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From real-life love potions to a buzzy new tourist option, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned about a buzzy new way to attract tourism and a liquid way to potentially attract your mate (real-life love potions, anyone?).

We also met an entrepreneur who’s working to help the “hidden homeless” via a chatbot and a storyteller who is bringing a unique form of multilingual narrative to life.

Read on for stories about a spectacular bat-tastic experience, a secret swimming spot in Malta and Jimmy Carter’s contribution to cheaper airline seats. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: OZY Investigation: Mental Divide: The Psychology Test That’s Failing Minorities

Why You Should Care: Psychologists of color are twice as likely as their White peers to fail the profession’s entry-level test, because of a series of biases.

Much more >>

No. 2: Love Curiously: Can We Replace Couples Therapy With Real-Life Love Potions?

Why You Should Care: Because chemical manipulation of love is about to become the ethical quandary of the 21st century.

Much more >>

No. 3: Hidden Boomers: Can Bees Add a Fresh Buzz to the Caribbean’s $56 Billion Tourism Market?

Why You Should Care: For decades, the region relied on its beaches to bring in tourists. Now, it’s pitching an unlikely new attraction.

Much more >>

No. 4: Good Connections: She Reveals Solutions for the ‘Hidden Homeless’

Why You Should Care: This chatbot is designed to serve people exactly when they become homeless — wherever they are.

Much more >>

No. 5: Lifting Languages: A New Kind of Storytelling Challenges India’s Self-Image

Why You Should Care: Because Danish Husain’s brand of storytelling makes a statement in Modi’s India.

Much more >>

No. 6: Batty Bucket List: Where You Can Watch Millions of Bats Fly Out to Dinner

Why You Should Care: This is an opportunity to witness the largest migration of mammals on the planet.

Much more >>

No. 7: Musical Youth: This Piano-Playing Phenom Is Turning NBA Scouts’ Heads

Why You Should Care: Zeke Nnaji’s upbringing in a Nigerian-American household instilled the work ethic he’s using to tear up college hoops.

Much more >>

No. 8: A Secret Dip: A Love Letter to Malta’s Little-Known Swimming Spot

Why You Should Care: Because Malta is one of the most densely populated countries, and solitary swimming is hard to find.

Much more >>

No. 9: Blue Skies: Flying Cheap for the Holidays? Thank Jimmy Carter

Why You Should Care: Because “the great deregulator” is not who you think.

Much more >>

No. 10: Look Closer: Give the Gift of ‘Oh Yeah’: The Elevated Sex Toy Gift Guide

Why You Should Care: Can you give a sex toy as a gift? In most cases, yes. Here are some devices that say, “Your pleasure is important to me.”

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