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From virtual rage rooms to colorblind prisons, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned about positive ways to channel anger. First, when you’re feeling all ragey you can now relieve stress in a virtual rage space — no IRL rooms required. We also met a judge who made his own rules to put an end to jail deaths. And we caught up with two inventors who are fighting against boil-water advisories and other threats to precious H20.

Read on for stories about a carbon-eating “bacon tree,” the latest in rom-com novels and a man who lifted a car with his bare hands. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Anger Management: The Virtual Rage Room Is Here

Why You Should Care: You don’t need to visit a rage room to release your stress anymore. Just go to YouTube.

Much more >>

No. 2: Order in the Court: The Judge Who Made His Own Bail Rules to Stop Jail Deaths

Why You Should Care: Because no one should die in jail waiting for their court date.

Much more >>

No. 3: Fair and Equal: The Most Colorblind Prisons … Are in the South?

Why You Should Care: This is sadly not a sign that they’ve solved criminal justice in America.

Much more >>

No. 4: Politics and Power: Why Russia Is Arming a Longtime US Ally in Asia

Why You Should Care: A quietly blossoming partnership between Moscow and Manila is reshaping the geopolitics of Asia.

Much more >>

No. 5: Water Watchers: These Inventors Don’t Want Your Water to End Up Like Flint’s

Why You Should Care: Because everyone should have clean water.

Much more >>

No. 6: Climate Surprises: The ‘Bacon Tree’ Eating Carbon in the Eastern Cape


Why You Should Care: This carbon-eating plant turns brown land green and also tastes good in a salad.

Much more >>

No. 7: True Story: How Recovery High Schools Give Teens a Second Chance

Why You Should Care: Because the lessons this high school teaches can save lives. 

Much more >>

No. 8: The Huddle: This Brash Talker Is Out to Conquer Sports Media

Why You Should Care: Because, love him or hate him, Nick Wright demands attention.

Much more >>

No. 9: Romance Reads: Love Rom-Coms? Check Out These 10 Rom-Com Books

Why You Should Care: Because you’ve watched ‘Pretty Woman’ 12 times already, it’s time for something new.

Much more >>

No. 10: Strong Man: The Man Who Lifted a Car With His Bare Hands

Why You Should Care: The popularity of the strongman has faded, but it existed once. And so did Gary Aprahamian.

Much more >>


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