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From smart cyberattack saviors to a new buzzy booze, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned some troubling news about the world’s oceans: They are absorbing up to 60 percent more heat than previously thought, which means the planet is warming faster than expected. A happier sea story? The largest-ever octopus sea nursery — a “shimmering” garden with as many as 1,000 brooding females — has been found 2 miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California. The footage captured also showed some octopus embryos in their mothers’ arms.

It’s a busy time, even if you’re not a scientist trying to save the world or a new octo-mom. It’s time for some you time. Grab a comfy chair and enjoy some of our favorite stories on OZY this week. 

No. 1: Take On America: Where Latinos Disagree on Immigration

Why You Should Care: OZY’s innovative town hall series takes on race, religion and politics in the Latinx community. 

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No. 2: Trump’s Triumphs: How Trump’s Straight Talk Is Changing the World

Why You Should Care: The U.S. president has used his blunt rhetoric to reshape trade deals and alliances across the globe.

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No. 3: Strange Sighting: What’s With Creepy ‘Time Out’ Dolls at Classic Car Shows?

Why You Should Care: These toddler-size dolls have been around for decades, but they have a special place on the classic car circuit.

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No. 4: 5G Smarts: Will Artificial Intelligence Save Us From the Next Cyberattack?

Why You Should Care: Cyber storm chasers combine artificial intelligence and human skills to battle data theft and privacy violations.

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No. 5: Politics & Power: Democracy’s New Stronghold Might Surprise You

Why You Should Care: As global freedoms seem to dwindle, South Asia provides a glimmer of hope. 

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No. 6: True Story: How I Illegally Trekked From Honduras to the U.S. at Age 16

Why You Should Care: “Andrea” fled gangs in Honduras and landed right in the heart of a heated American immigration debate.

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No. 7: The Huddle: Major League Sports Dads Need to Score Paternity Leave

Why You Should Care: Want to bond with your new baby, athlete dads? Better not miss a game.

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No. 8: Meet: The Heretic Adman Shaking Up Europe

Why You Should Care: Andrea Stillacci is the CEO, founder and head heretic at Herezie, a punk-style and award-winning French ad agency.

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No. 9: Flashback: The Black Texas Congresswoman Who Took On Nixon

Why You Should Care: Barbara Jordan paved the way for women like Sen. Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams.

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No. 10: Buzzy Booze: The Amped-Up Ancient Drink Crashing Chicago’s Craft Beer Party

Why You Should Care: Honey wine is the new craft booze buzz on Chicago’s southwest side.   

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