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From surprise sausage sales to a granny flat fix, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned a few curious facts: Volkswagen sells a lot more sausages than cars and there’s a county in the southern U.S. where practically nobody votes (Why? As it goes, that’s not so easy to find out). 

We also found out a way to help fix the housing crisis in the U.S. and met a determined inventor trying to tackle the world’s water crises.

Read on for stories about one of the most eco-friendly dive sites in the world, how you can train to be a Big 5 game ranger and why women might make better cops. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: In the Spotlight: Do Women Make Better Police Officers?

Why You Should Care: Newark Police Commander Ivonne Roman wants to help more women get into uniform.

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No. 2: Wurst Surprise: Volkswagen’s Best-Selling Product Is a … Sausage

Why You Should Care: The German auto giant’s Wolfsburg plant produces many more wursts than cars. 

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No. 3: Granny Flats: The Latest Quick Fix for the Housing Crisis

Why You Should Care: This quick, affordable housing solution could avoid the political scrum.

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No. 4: Bucket List: This Might Be the Most Eco-Friendly Scuba Dive Resort on Earth

Why You Should Care: There’s diving, and then there’s diving at a remote island without a boat or piece of trash in sight. 

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No. 5: Beyond Roe vs. Wade: Fetus Adoption Over Abortion in Latin America

Why You Should Care: These innovative but controversial initiatives could serve as a model for abortion battles elsewhere. 

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No. 6: Who Cares: The County Where (Almost) Nobody Votes

Why You Should Care: Because the stories of counties like these will decide who is president of the United States.

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No. 7: Winds, Waves and Water: A Plan for Quenching World Thirst

Why You Should Care: Because potable water is one of the biggest challenges in the developing world.

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No. 8: Track a Big Cat: The Grit and Glory of African Field Guide School

Why You Should Care: You get to learn how to approach an elephant on foot and not be killed by a charging buffalo.

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No. 9: Off-Ice Influencer: This Hockey Streaming Star Gets Sponsored Like a Player

Why You Should Care: Because he’s changing the esports endorsement game.

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No. 10: Secret Lives: The Spy Who Tricked America

Why You Should Care: Because he convinced Americans they were losing the Vietnam War.

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