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From mapping voter apathy to making ugly fruit juice, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

Well, it’s been a particularly interesting week with Trump, Boris and Bibi all ending up on the ropes. It’s all been so much, that some might be asking who cares? Speaking of apathy, this interactive of voting patterns in the U.S. shows exactly where people do — and don’t — go to the polls. 

When it comes to caring about the planet and its people, we learned about new products being made from ugly and waste food, and we met a woman fighting for housing rights for all in Portugal. 

Read on for stories about a Colombian play bringing former enemies together onstage, a 19th-century novel with still-relevant dating advice and how the Japanese mob inspired Pac-Man. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Who Cares: Inside America’s Apathy Belt

Why You Should Care: In an OZY exclusive analysis, we find the blind spots in voter turnout across America. 

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No. 2: When Food Gets Political: The ‘Waste’ Food Industry for the Wealthy

Why You Should Care:
 These juices and snacks are targeting your taste buds … and your conscience.    

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No. 3: Dislike: America to China: It’s Not Us, It’s You

Why You Should Care: U.S. opinions about Beijing are being swayed by geopolitics — and not in a positive way.

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No. 4: Photo Essay: Fighting Drug-Resistant Malaria Where It Lives

Why You Should Care: On the border between Thailand and Myanmar, a combination of quick treatment and proactive therapy is reducing the deadly spread.

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No. 5: Beyond Roe vs. Wade: The Next Battleground for Abortion Rights: Morocco

Why You Should Care: The North African country is emerging as a key battleground on abortion, with an increasingly assertive movement seeking a break with conservative laws. 

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No. 6: Housing for All: Her Fight Could Reshape Europe and Beyond

Why You Should Care: Helena Roseta has pushed through guaranteed housing in Portugal. Now the rest of the world is taking notice.  

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No. 7: By the Numbers: Why the Foreign-Born Population in the Midwest Has Skyrocketed

Why You Should Care: Highly skilled migrants aren’t just heading to California and New York — they’re going to flyover country.

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No. 8: Peace on Stage: When Guerrilla Groups Act on Stage With Their Enemies

Why You Should Care: Members from enemy groups and victims of their violence come together in a remarkable show about forgiveness in Colombia.

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No. 9: Power Pellets: How the Yakuza Helped Inspire Pac-Man

Why You Should Care: From Nintendo to Namco, the Japanese mob had its fingers in the video game industry from the very start.

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No. 10: Love Curiously: The 19th-Century Version of ‘You’ve Got Mail’

Why You Should Care: The hit Victorian novel Wired Love still offers plenty that is relevant to dating today.

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