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From till death do us part to the business of death, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we let you in on one reason political campaigns have been going against conventional wisdom when it comes to their subject lines. Then we dove into the coffin industry — which is, and sorry about this, dying. Too heavy? Discover a feminist beer from Spain with a unique name.

Read on for more stories on love, prison and one literary giant you may never have heard of. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Box of Tricks: Why the Coffin Industry Is Dying for Disruption

Why You Should Care: The funeral business is in churn, but the big players aren’t hurting — they’re consolidating their monopoly.

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No. 2: Email Fatigue: 2020 Contenders Are Subjecting Us to Mile-Long Subject Lines

Why You Should Care: Democratic candidates think they’re gaming Google. But is it just getting on people’s nerves?   

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No. 3: Lockup Love: She Was the Mom of Two Inmates and Now Performs Prison Weddings

Why You Should Care: Jo Anne Hall turned her own life around as a wedding officiant in an unlikely place.

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Why You Should Care: Mark Rifkin, a one-time football player, is tackling an alleged Silicon Valley monopoly.

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No. 5: Literary Legend: This American Maverick Ruled the Lesbian Literary Scene of Paris

Why You Should Care: Poet Natalie Clifford Barney became a champion of gay rights, simply by refusing to follow the rules. 

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No. 6: Kickin’ It: Afghanistan’s Stunning New Success Story: Sports

Why You Should Care: From cricket and soccer to martial arts and wrestling, sports are allowing the country to dream of a new identity.

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No. 7: No Calls: The App That Gives Spammers a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Why You Should Care: There’s a fun way to get revenge on annoying robocalls — by having a robot answer and waste their time with silly scenarios.

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No. 8: You Jelly?: When French Emperors and Royalty Fine Dined … on Jell-O

Why You Should Care: From haute cuisine to Jell-O shots, oh, how the mighty have fallen. 

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No. 9: Just in Thyme: He’s Making the Spice Trade Less Shady

Why You Should Care: With Burlap & Barrel, Ethan Frisch is adding a dash of salt and pepper to the farm-to-table movement.

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No. 10: Anger Ale: Don’t Screw With This Feminist Beer From Spain

Why You Should Care: This small-batch brew with a provocative name has an unmissable message. 

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