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From pineapple power to two-faced cookies, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned that squirrels eavesdrop on birds’ chatter to determine whether it’s safe to be out and about. Also, a new species of giant squirrel, which belongs to a rare genera, was discovered in China. 

We also learned a lot about food — from Iran’s efforts to stockpile potatoes to Guinea’s efforts to become a pineapple powerhouse. We met a Scottish tea thief who changed India’s history and a two-toned South African cookie iced with the colors of protest. 

Read on for stories about shadow players in the election, a time travel store helping kids write, and Egypt’s dramatic steps to curb divorce. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Eye on 2020: Trumpy Bear and the For-Profits Daring to Skirt Election Laws

Why You Should Care: These shadow players are influencing the election — whether regulators like it or not. 

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No. 2: Before ‘I Do’: Want to Get Married in Egypt? Get Alimony Insurance First

Why You Should Care: The Arab world’s most populous nation is taking dramatic steps to tackle the effects of a surging divorce rate and rising costs of living.   

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No. 3: Fruit Forward: How the Humble Pineapple Is Curbing Guinean Immigration to Europe

Why You Should Care: Thousands of migrants once fled the West African nation, but pineapple cultivation is helping put a stop to that.

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No. 4: Blast Off: Where Kids Reap the Rewards of Time Travel

Why You Should Care: These storefronts sell creativity and education — not to mention supplies for superheroes and spies.

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No. 5: Popping Up: Super Young Females Take Skateboarding by Storm

Why You Should Care: As countries around the world prep for skateboarding’s Olympic debut, these tweens and teens are reaping the benefits.

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No. 6: New Climate Change Frontiers: He’s Sowing the Seeds of ‘Green Jihad’

Why You Should Care: Odeh Rashid al-Jayyousi, the United Nations’ first ecotheologian, is linking Islam with environmentalism.  

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No. 7: Take 1: Eastern Europe Woos International Filmmakers Like Never Before

Why You Should Care: Because visual media matters more than you realize.

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No. 8: Immodest Proposal: Why Industrial Espionage Is Good for Mankind

Why You Should Care: It may no longer be politically acceptable, but stealing technology is actually great for economic development. 

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No. 9: Food With a Message: These Sweet ‘Two-Faced’ Cookies Called Out a Lying Politician

Why You Should Care: Tweegevrietjies let the baking do the talking. 

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No. 10: Cuppa Thief: How a Scottish Botanist Stole China’s Tea and Changed Indian History

Why You Should Care: Because tea is the world’s second-most popular drink, after water.

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