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From a female true crime podcast to a coca evangelist, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we met two fascinating women who are pushing legal boundaries. In Colombia, Fabiola Piñacué is making coca a consumer good, and has even confronted the government and drug traffickers about the plant, respected by many for its spiritual and medicinal qualities. In India, Sister Lucy Kalapura spoke out about a bishop accused of rape and was then dismissed by her congregation for “learning to drive a car, taking a loan to buy a car and publishing a collection of poems.” 

We also learned Indonesia’s secret for fighting forest fires and a CEO’s secret to happy workers (hint: Lighten up on the workplace rules). 

Read on for stories about Elvis’ last No. 1 hit, an amazing hike in the Czech Republic and a true crime podcast that’s twisting a knife in the genre.  Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Drugs Go Sober: Coca Tea, Anyone? She’s Fueling Your Morning, Not the Drug Trade

Why You Should Care: Fabiola Piñacué has made coca into a consumer good, and she’s pioneering the way for its legal future. 

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No. 2: Hot Topic: As the Amazon Burns, Indonesia Shows World How to Fight Forest Fires

Why You Should Care: As California, Brazil and Europe struggle with forest fires, Indonesia could offer answers.   

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No. 3: Only the Faithful: The Nun Who Was Banished for Learning to Drive

Why You Should Care: Sister Lucy Kalapura spoke out against a bishop accused of rape. Then the Catholic Church expelled her. 

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No. 4: Keeping Tabs: The Rise of the ‘Granny State’ in America’s Nursing Homes

Why You Should Care: Surveillance might seem an easy solution to elderly abuse, but it’s more complicated than family members realize.

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No. 5: By the Numbers: Mass Shooting Worries Are Worse for Minority Students

Why You Should Care: Students of color are responding to threats of gun violence in ways White students don’t. 

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No. 6: Worldly Walks: Hiking in the Fairy-Tale ‘Narnia’ Hills of the Czech Republic

Why You Should Care: This breathtaking hike takes you to one of the country’s most impressive, yet lesser-known, natural attractions.  

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No. 7: From a CEO Who Knows: Recession Recipe for Success? Go Remote

Why You Should Care: The firms that survive the next recession will embrace the lessons of the gig economy.

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No. 8: Listen Up: The True Crime Podcast Where Killer Women Reign

Why You Should Care: Because the realm of serial killers and evildoers is not limited to men.   

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No. 9: Behind the Music: The Song That Sparked Rock’s Most Unforgettable Comeback

Why You Should Care: The final No. 1 single of Elvis’ career turns 50. Here’s the story behind the hit.

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No. 10: OWNing the Conversation: My Best Friend Thought I Was Too Fat … to Be in Her Wedding

Why You Should Care: Quinn Bartlett struggled with her weight and abuse by her mother. At 37, her search for love and acceptance is ongoing.

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