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From dollar-stretching to increasing voter turnout, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned about a small county in New Mexico where everyone votes — and what the rest of the country could learn from this community. And we also learned that American tech firms are setting up research centers south of the border, on the hunt for affordable engineers, designers, programmers and other specialists.

We also met a woman who is taking care of women’s oft-forgotten sanitary needs in Somalia, and how a once-dangerous neighborhood in Cincinnati has become a good news revitalization story. 

Read on for stories about a Spanish play about euthanasia, the rise of dollar stores and why we might be heading toward communism. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Power and Politics: Inside the County That Hit 100% Voter Turnout

Why You Should Care: Because people here care, and in that could be a lesson for the nation.  

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No. 2: Head-Hunting Trend: Silicon Valley Is Going to Mexico … for Talent

Why You Should Care: American tech firms are targeting an affordable talent pool they’re increasingly unable to find at home.    

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No. 3: Capitalism Disrupted: Is Tech Leading Us to Communism?

Why You Should Care: A growing number of leftist thinkers and academics argue that 21st-century tech revolutions could lead us to a classless political and economic model. 

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No. 4: Trial by Stage: This Intense Play About Euthanasia Asks the Audience: Guilty or Innocent?

Why You Should Care: Each night on stage, a doctor convicted for practicing euthanasia in Spain puts himself on trial.

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No. 5: Grover Norquist: History Shows Us How Government Will Respond to Next Downturn

Why You Should Care: If the past is any guide … don’t hold your breath for a quick or easy fix.

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No. 6: Meet: The Woman Who’s Given Dignity Back to 70,000 Refugees

Why You Should Care: Because the circle of life goes on despite conflict and displacement.

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No. 7: The Next Recession: Why Dollar Stores Are Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Why You Should Care: The middle class will have to make every dollar stretch further in the economic downturn. 

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No. 8: Meeting Halfway: The Vegan Activist Working Across Grocery Aisles for Change

Why You Should Care: Because Leah Garcés’ strategy shows how partnership can transcend division.

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No. 9: Overlooked Hoods: The Cincinnati Hood That’s Getting Renewal Right

Why You Should Care: Once the most dangerous district in America, Over-the-Rhine is now one of the country’s great revitalization stories.

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No. 10: Flashback: How Canada Imprisoned Jewish Refugees Alongside POWs

Why You Should Care: Thousands of Jews were left in internment camps with the very people who had sought their extermination.

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