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From a fake news fighter to a plant-based raincoat, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we met two fascinating women making a difference in the tech space. Indian Police Service officer Rema Rajeshwari is fighting rampant fake news using a traditional form of storytelling to keep villagers better informed — and safer. And Juleyka Lantigua-Williams is bringing inclusivity to podcasts, showing the industry how to amplify underrepresented voices.

We also learned why Mexico hasn’t been banking on its edible bugs and how carbon-neutral fashion can be chic and planet-saving. 

Read on for stories about the new breakup industry, a little-known tourist gem in Buenos Aires and how Toni Morrison lives on. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Truth Fighter: She Keeps Fake News From Getting Deadly — Because WhatsApp Won’t

Why You Should Care: Indian Police Service officer Rema Rajeshwari stopped WhatsApp lynchings in at least 400 villages in India. 

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No. 2: Listen Up: Turning Up the Volume on Podcast Voices From the Margins

Why You Should Care: Juleyka Lantigua-Williams’ experiment could show the industry an economically sustainable way to amplify underrepresented voices.     

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No. 3: Business of Bugs: Mexico Could Be the Top Source of Edible Insects. Here’s Why It’s Not

Why You Should Care: Mexico is getting left behind as edible insects turn into big business.

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No. 4: Plant Protection: This Raincoat Made From Algae Offers a Message of Hope

Why You Should Care: Using carbon sequestration to make plastic could pave the way for carbon-negative materials.

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No. 5: The Huddle: The World’s Best Rugby Team Is Bleeding Top Players … to Japan

Why You Should Care: An exodus from New Zealand’s All Blacks is threatening the legacy of the world’s most successful rugby nation. 

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No. 6: Conservative Catch-Up: Can Startup Energy Help Democrats?

Why You Should Care: A healthy startup environment may be giving Democrats a leg up for 2020 … if these firms don’t sell out before then.   

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No. 7: Broken-Heart Biz: A New Industry Is on the Rise, Thanks to Your Breakup

Why You Should Care: Because one person’s heartache is someone else’s business.

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No. 8: Overlooked Neighborhoods: The Little-Known Gritty Cultural Hub in Buenos Aires

Why You Should Care: You don’t come to ordinary-looking Abasto for an Instagram snap. You come for the spirit.

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No. 9: Beloved Writer: How the Timeless Toni Morrison Lives On

Why You Should Care: The legendary author has died at age 88 but pulls along generations of writers in her wake.

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No. 10: True Story: Just Let Me Speak to My Family

Why You Should Care: Kashmir has changed forever, and tens of thousands of Kashmiris away from home can’t even check on their loved ones.

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