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From pumping up voter engagement to training in the air, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we took you beyond the border, sharing untold migration stories from places where the crisis starts — like in Central America, where transgender people who are seeking asylum in the U.S. face harrowing situations. And could Trump be right about slashing foreign aid to reduce migration? The numbers tell a compelling story.

We also learned Colorado has the secret sauce for getting voters to the ballot box and how Sega envisioned a future of game streaming long before it was cool.

Read on for stories about age-old tips for living longer, how Buddhism is bouncing back, a new show to binge-watch and a heartwarming love story that started in prison. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: 2020 Watch: What Colorado’s Huge Voter Engagement Can Teach the Nation

Why You Should Care: Because this state has the blueprint for increasing voter turnout.

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No. 2: Beyond the Border: The Deadly Dilemma Facing Trans Migrants

Why You Should Care: Record numbers of Central American transgender people are seeking asylum in the U.S. … only to be deported.

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No. 3: Bouncing Back: Buddhism Returns Home in a New Japanese Form

Why You Should Care: India was where Buddhism was born. Now it’s staging a comeback.  

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No. 4: Longevity Secrets: Tips for Growing Old From a Long-Living Philosopher

Why You Should Care: Because successfully growing old takes more than just time.

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No. 5: Catching Air: This Innovative Skateboarder’s Secret Weapon: Skydiving

Why You Should Care: Because he could be changing the way action athletes train.

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No. 6: Pioneer Play: Sega Was Game Streaming Way Before It Was Cool

Why You Should Care: Streaming is the big thing now, but ’90s kids know Sega was pioneering this 25 years ago.  

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No. 7: Money Moves: To Reduce Migration, Trump Might Be Right About Cutting Foreign Aid

Why You Should Care: While international aid has long been thought to reduce migration, the numbers don’t add up.

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No. 8: David and Goliath: How One Upset Scarred the Legacy of History’s Greatest Thoroughbred

Why You Should Care: Urban legends aside, this was one unexpected outcome to a horse race.

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No. 9: Netflix It: This Sexy, Sarcastic Show on Danish Schooling Is Your Next Binge-Watch

Why You Should Care: It’s funny, provocative, abrasive and dark. And you won’t care that it’s subtitled. 

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No. 10: Love Curiously: Love Between Prison Bars

Why You Should Care: She went to prison to teach felons. It ended up changing her life. 

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