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From an inspirational table tennis champ to big election ad changes, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned a lot about the toll of climate change on mental health — how doctors will diagnose it in the future and how it impacts women versus men. And we met a 53-year-old table tennis champion from Palestine who wields a mighty paddle in the face of so many obstacles because she just wants to play.

Read on for stories about big election ad changes for Facebook and Google, apps stealing your privacy, Venezuelan doctors saving lives in Chile and a hidden Polish village in Turkey. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Mind Melt: Tomorrow’s Doctors Will Diagnose the Mental Toll of Climate Change

Why You Should Care: Future health professionals are learning to recognize and treat mental illnesses linked to global warming. 

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No. 2: No Ads Here: An Election With No Facebook Ads? Meet the Digital Black Hole States

Why You Should Care: Voters in some states will have a very different election than their neighbors.

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No. 3: Badass With a Paddle: Is This Table Tennis Champ Held Back … for Being a Mom?

Why You Should Care: Because Rawda Alshreef’s defiance is a window into life in the Palestinian territories. 

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No. 4: Go There: Visit Istanbul’s Hidden Polish Village

Why You Should Care: Because this hidden haven of Polish history might not be around for much longer.

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No. 5: Beyond the Border: Doctors Flee Venezuela — But Save Lives in Remote Chile

Why You Should Care: Some countries are struggling to host Venezuelan refugees. But for Chile’s Patagonia, they’re lifesavers.   

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No. 6: Eye Spy: How Secret Apps Are Violating Your Privacy

Why You Should Care: More and more people are falling victim to apps that allow others to spy on their mobile phones.     

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No. 7: On Our Minds: Mental Toll of Climate Change Hits Women 60% More

Why You Should Care: Because it’s one thing to lose cities and lakes to a warming planet, and something else entirely to lose your mind to it.

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No. 8: The Huddle: He’s the NFL’s Breakout Mexican American Ambassador

Why You Should Care: Because this budding star could be the connection between the Chargers and Hispanic fans.

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No. 9: Photo Essay: Step Inside an Ancient Henna Factory in Modern-Day Iran

Why You Should Care: It’s your chance to see a 700-year-old craft at work.

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No. 10: Literary Legend: The Novelist Who Scandalized Victorian England

Why You Should Care: Because there was much more to the golden age of Victorian literature than Charles Dickens and the Brontës. 

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