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From an alien fashion trend to lessons from space, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned about a stark new fashion trend: influencers and drag performers who are popularizing a less human-looking aesthetic — somewhat like Hollywood’s typical depictions of aliens. And we met a man who is on the verge of enabling electric vehicles to charge in as little time as it takes to fill a tank of gas. 

Read on for stories about why the Soviet Union lost the space race, stunning alternatives to Machu Picchu, a version of Friends for modern Orthodox Jews and the next Steve Irwin. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Special Series: Can the New Space Race Really Make America Great Again?

Why You Should Care: For some, Apollo 11 is all about proving American superiority. But that’s not the real lesson here.

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No. 2: Out of This World: Alien Beauty Invades the World of Fashion

Why You Should Care: This subculture reflects the reality of the post-gender world.

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No. 3: Take a Different Hike: Why Peru Wants You to Avoid Machu Picchu

Why You Should Care: Amid growing concerns about overcrowding, the Peruvian tourism industry is now luring visitors to other stunning trails and historic venues.  

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No. 4: Good News: How Nigeria Is Winning the Battle Against HIV

Why You Should Care: The country’s fight against HIV starts with the basics: knowing whether you have it.  

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No. 5: Love Curiously: The Filmmaker Creating ‘Friends’ for Modern Orthodox Jews

Why You Should Care: Leah Gottfried is documenting the complex love lives of an often overlooked community.

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No. 6: Special Series: What If You Could Charge an Electric Car as Fast as Filling the Tank?


Why You Should Care: Because a battery revolution could be upon us.

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No. 7: Beyond the Border: Refugee Ripple Effect: The ‘Send Them Back’ Strategy Is Spreading

Why You Should Care: Nations are increasingly violating international law and returning refugees to war zones.  

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No. 8: Animal Man: The Next Steve Irwin Brings Species Back From the Dead

Why You Should Care: Because Forrest Galante is finding species the world gave up on.

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No. 9: Immodest Proposal: Equal Pay for Women’s Sports? That’s Not Nearly Enough

Why You Should Care: Female athletes also need equal time in the public eye.

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No. 10: What Happened: How the Soviet Union Lost the Space Race

Why You Should Care: Until the mid-1960s, the USSR was winning the race to the moon. So what happened?

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