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From land mine-clearing robots to a female genitalia encyclopedia, here is the best of OZY this week.

This week on OZY we learned new ways that technology is affecting health and safety. In Huntington, West Virginia, a cloud-based “nudge” app is being used to reduce opioid overdoses. In Cambodia, unmanned humanitarian mine-removal robots are digging out and removing land mines to safe detonation spaces. And in the virtual realm, there’s a new educational website devoted entirely to vaginas. 

We also found out what Trevor Noah can do that Jon Stewart couldn’t … and a Trump truth about the future.

Here are our favorite stories on OZY this week.

No. 1: Standout Star: What Trevor Noah Can Do That Jon Stewart Never Could

Why You Should Care: Because The Daily Show host is making America care about the world. 

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No. 2: Paradigm Shift: Black Female Gamers Are Claiming Their Space at Last

Why You Should Care: Women of color are building a network of support organizations to help aspiring gamers reach new heights.

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No. 3: Tech Fix: How Nudge Tech Helped Halve One City’s Overdose Victims

Why You Should Care: A nudge — provided by a cloud-based app — can go a long way when it comes to treating addiction patients.

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No. 4: Digital Demining: His Land Mine-Hunting Robot Digs Communities Out of Danger

Why You Should Care: Because Richard Yim’s robots could help children run free again.

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No. 5: Vagina 101: Everything You Wanted to Know — and More — About Your V

Why You Should Care: New myth-busting online resource Pussypedia is a life hack for female genitalia.

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No. 6: Trump Is Right: Forget About 5G. 6G Is Already Coming

Why You Should Care: Researchers from across the globe are starting work on 6G that will let you download 300 movies in a second. 

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No. 7: Movie Stunt Pro: A Karate World Champion Whips Hollywood Into Fighting Shape

Why You Should Care: Because Mindy Kelly makes sure movie ass-kicking is realistic.

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No. 8: Parental Control: An Old-School Cure for Toddler Phone-Grabbing

Why You Should Care: Because here’s a screen time solution the experts can agree on.

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No. 9: Literary Legend: This Feminist Urdu Writer Wasn’t Afraid to Talk About Sex

Why You Should Care: A writer who was considered a bad influence on Muslim youth during her lifetime is celebrated as an iconoclast today. 

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No. 10: Party Wave: Will Inland Parks Become the World’s Best Surfing Spots?

Why You Should Care: Man-made facilities are democratizing surfing by reaching landlocked athletes worldwide.

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