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From land mine-clearing robots to a female genitalia encyclopedia, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week on OZY we learned new ways that technology is affecting health and safety. In Huntington, West Virginia, a cloud-based “nudge” app is being used to reduce opioid overdoses. In Cambodia, unmanned humanitarian mine-removal robots are digging out and removing land mines to safe detonation spaces. And in the virtual realm, there’s a new educational website devoted entirely to vaginas. 

We also found out what Trevor Noah can do that Jon Stewart couldn’t … and a Trump truth about the future.

Here are our favorite stories on OZY this week.

No. 1: Standout Star: What Trevor Noah Can Do That Jon Stewart Never Could

Why You Should Care: Because The Daily Show host is making America care about the world. 

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No. 2: Paradigm Shift: Black Female Gamers Are Claiming Their Space at Last

Why You Should Care: Women of color are building a network of support organizations to help aspiring gamers reach new heights.

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No. 3: Tech Fix: How Nudge Tech Helped Halve One City’s Overdose Victims

Why You Should Care: A nudge — provided by a cloud-based app — can go a long way when it comes to treating addiction patients.

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No. 4: Digital Demining: His Land Mine-Hunting Robot Digs Communities Out of Danger

Why You Should Care: Because Richard Yim’s robots could help children run free again.

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No. 5: Vagina 101: Everything You Wanted to Know — and More — About Your V

Why You Should Care: New myth-busting online resource Pussypedia is a life hack for female genitalia.

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No. 6: Trump Is Right: Forget About 5G. 6G Is Already Coming

Why You Should Care: Researchers from across the globe are starting work on 6G that will let you download 300 movies in a second. 

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No. 7: Movie Stunt Pro: A Karate World Champion Whips Hollywood Into Fighting Shape

Why You Should Care: Because Mindy Kelly makes sure movie ass-kicking is realistic.

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No. 8: Parental Control: An Old-School Cure for Toddler Phone-Grabbing

Why You Should Care: Because here’s a screen time solution the experts can agree on.

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No. 9: Literary Legend: This Feminist Urdu Writer Wasn’t Afraid to Talk About Sex

Why You Should Care: A writer who was considered a bad influence on Muslim youth during her lifetime is celebrated as an iconoclast today. 

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No. 10: Party Wave: Will Inland Parks Become the World’s Best Surfing Spots?

Why You Should Care: Man-made facilities are democratizing surfing by reaching landlocked athletes worldwide.

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