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From tiny apartments to cheaper glasses, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we brought you a story about the latest luxury in hotel stays: clean air. And speaking of atmosphere, space is about to become the new destination for … data? Blasting data into the sky is a potential way to help fight climate change. Back on beautiful Earth, we took a look at a hidden, middle-of-nowhere climbing and camping spot in New Mexico.

Read on for more stories about inspiring people from the past and present, eye-opening trends, lifesaving tech and the future of funk. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Breathe Easy: Top-End Asian Hotels Are Selling a New Luxury: Clean Air

Why You Should Care: India and China have the world’s most polluted cities. Their luxury hotels are turning that into a business strategy. 

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No. 2: Blast Off: The Next Way to Stop Climate Change: Storing Data in Space

Why You Should Care: Data centers consume the energy of 50 power plants and spew out more greenhouse gases than 140 countries. 

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No. 3: Tech Support: Behind the Suicide-Stopping App That Could Save Your Child’s Life

Why You Should Care: Because mental health conditions are only getting worse. 

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No. 4: Micro Life: School Bus-Size Apartments Could Save America’s Dying Suburbs

Why You Should Care: As millennials flee costly U.S. cities, suburbs are starting to embrace micro apartments that offer urban facilities for less. 

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No. 5: Hidden Gem: This New Mexico Canyon Hides a Climbing Mecca

Why You Should Care: Because it is a diamond in the rough, remote grasslands.

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No. 6: Biz Watch: The Monopolies of the Future Will Be Chinese — and State-Owned

Why You Should Care: From energy to utilities and infrastructure, China’s state-owned monopolies are taking over the world.   

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No. 7: Fighting Fit: As a Child, She Fled Violence. Now Her Fists Could Bring Her Stardom

Why You Should Care: Naw Phaw Law Eh could set the standard for female fighters in Myanmar.

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No. 8: Listen Up: How the Capital of Funk Is Fighting to Keep Its Legacy Alive

Why You Should Care: Dayton, Ohio, has long been ground zero in the world of funk. Now, with venues shutting down, it’s battling to keep that reputation alive. 

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No. 9: Specs Savings: People Are Flocking to Buy Cheaper Glasses Online

Why You Should Care: If you tend to lose or break glasses easily — or you just don’t want to pay high prices — here’s where to get deals online.

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No. 10: The Thread: The College Team That Stripped for Their Rights

Why You Should Care: When Yale would not listen to their pleas for equal treatment, the college’s 1976 women’s crew team took the matter into their own hands.

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