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From a rising soccer star to a new music festival trend, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we brought you a story about how regulators are helping to get pain patients back on their opioid medications. And we had two very different looks at social media: how Arab youth are turning to Facebook for more trustworthy news, and how Instagram is shutting down poetry. And in lighter fare, we’ve unearthed the secrets to making the best-ever campfire and a new trend in nonvisual porn.

Read on for more stories about inspiring people, intriguing trends and fascinating finds. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: In the Spotlight: The Woman at the Center of America’s World Cup Chances

Why You Should Care: Because Rose Lavelle is fun off the field and creative on it.

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No. 2: Sea Change: Why America’s Latest Turn on Opioids Is Bringing Hope to Pain Patients

Why You Should Care:  The war on opioids led to many pain patients suffering from an abrupt termination of their medication. Now regulators are accepting that they got it wrong.      

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No. 3: Nose for News: Distrusting the Press, Arab Youth Turn to Social Media

Why You Should Care: Even as trust in social media news is falling in Western countries, other parts of the world are putting faith in it.

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No. 4: Burning Issue: Eastern Europe Has a Disturbing Fire Fatality Problem

Why You Should Care:  The world’s highest rates of death by fire are mostly in former Soviet states.

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No. 5: Eargasms for Women: The Future of Erotica Is … in Your Ears

Why You Should Care:  New companies are providing listeners — particularly women — with the nonvisual porn they actually want.

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No. 6: Get Lit: How to Build the Best Campfire — With Science and Pizzazz

Why You Should Care: Forget the barbecue lighter and sad little pile of sticks. These tips will make you a fire-starting boss.  

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No. 7: Verse Curse: How Instagram Could Stifle a New Generation of Poets

Why You Should Care: The social platform is an ideal forum, but algorithms are commodifying Instapoetry.

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No. 8: Working Hard: How To Defend Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners in a Rigged System

Why You Should Care: Because human rights lawyer Julio Montenegro’s trying to bring back rule of law to a country in crisis.   

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No. 9: Title: When Small Is Mighty: The Rise of the Micro Music Festival

Why You Should Care: Because smaller means seeing a concert in a lava tunnel or carved-out glacier.

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No. 10: Flashback: DNA’s Big Moment? The O.J. Simpson Trial

Why You Should Care:  Before CSI, there was that bloody sock found in the NFL star’s house.

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