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From forbidden love to true crime crack, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week at OZY, we were really listening. We brought you a story about child-friendly speakers designed to keep kids engrossed in stories and sounds — and away from TV, tablets and cellphones. Why are women so drawn to true crime podcasts? Turns out there three reasons, one of which is particularly surprising. We also learned how smaller music streaming platforms in Africa, Asia and Russia are taking on behemoths like Spotify. And did we mention our latest edition of The Thread, about the compelling journey of the 1999 U.S. women’s soccer team?

Read on for more stories about fascinating people, a surprise business trend and forbidden love. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Longevity Leaps: Why Longer Lives Mean the Future of US Politics Is Female

Why You Should Care: Could Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other young politicos lead for half a century?  

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No. 2: Too Big Not to Fail: Is the End of Quarterly Forecasting in Sight?

Why You Should Care: Because there’s a growing push against short-termism in the corporate world.    

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No. 3: Child-Friendly Tech: The Sensory Experience Helping Keep Kids Away From the TV

Why You Should Care: A new generation of child-friendly speakers is allowing parents to keep their kids entertained — away from the TV.  

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No. 4: The Thread: How the 1999 US Women’s Soccer Team Nearly Lost

Why You Should Care: Perhaps the most iconic moment in women’s sporting history almost didn’t happen.

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No. 5: World Domination: Can Spotify and Apple Beat the Streaming Competition?

Why You Should Care: As Spotify continues to expand globally, smaller music streaming platforms in Africa, Asia and Russia are ready to fight back. 

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No. 6: Making a Statement: This Manipuri Artist Brings Feminism and Home to the Canvas

Why You Should Care: You likely haven’t heard of artists from this northeastern Indian region, but Sony Thokchom is changing that. 

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No. 7: Listen Up: Why True Crime Is Podcast Crack — for Women

Why You Should Care: The fear of becoming a victim is driving female audiences, say experts.

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No. 8: Meet: The Trump-Loving Israeli Doctor Offering Aid to Palestinians

Why You Should Care: Because life in some of the world’s most contested land is never black and white.

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No. 9: Turn On, Tune In: How South Korea Became the World’s Podcasting Capital

Why You Should Care: Podcasts for South Koreans aren’t just about being entertained. 

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No. 10: Love Curiously: Her Forbidden Love Behind Bars Challenged Colombia

Why You Should Care: Marta Álvarez fought for the right for conjugal visits for lesbians and earned an official apology for her trouble.

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