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From quinoa’s world takeover to a Facebook freedom fighter, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been a getting-things-done kind of week on OZY. We introduced you to a man who is using Facebook to name and shame bad employers in Lebanon. In the sports arena, WNBA star Alana Beard is making a big move to the business world and building a professional ecosystem for women, and Andrew Freund is nurturing a growing sumo following on the West Coast (be sure to check out the photos).

Also, did you know that quinoa — the growing of it, that is — is taking over the world? And that forests are learning to absorb more carbon as humans pump more into the air? Or that an author, whose books outsold Charles Dickens, faded into obscurity? We have even more delights for you to discover — thought-provoking stories about going retro with birth control, how to reduce your way to earlier retirement and marijuana’s new “martini” status. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: On the Rise: India’s Young and Well-Educated Are Marching to the Beat of Hindu Nationalism

Why You Should Care: Well-paid, globally exposed young professionals are joining a movement whose founders admired Nazis. 

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No. 2: Grain Craze: How Quinoa Is Taking Over the World — in 100 Countries and Counting

Why You Should Care: From Saudi Arabia to Central Asia and Egypt to Scandinavia, farmers are now turning to this crop’s climate resilience. 

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No. 3: Meet: He’s Outing Bad Employers by Naming and Shaming Them on Facebook

Why You Should Care: Dipendra Uprety is fighting for Lebanon’s forgotten underclass … from Canada.

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No. 4: Must-See: America Wrestles With Sumo

Why You Should Care: Step inside this amateur sumo space in Southern California and see the sport — and its revered traditions — at work.

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No. 5: Shoot Your Shot: This WNBA Star Plans to Build an Old Boys’ Club — for Women

Why You Should Care: Because she’s got plans to develop a female-focused investment fund.

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No. 6: Fierce Foliage: Smart Trees Are Learning to Stand Between Humanity and Disaster

Why You Should Care: The environment, in many ways, is keeping pace with human industrialization. But will it last?

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No. 7: Money Smarts: Would You Sacrifice Car and Coffee to Retire in 10 Years?

Why You Should Care: With this app, you can see how much longer you’ll have to work to keep up those daily lattes.  

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No. 8: Immodest Proposal: Could Ancient Forms of Birth Control Actually Work?

Why You Should Care: Not everyone has faith in or access to the pill or condoms.

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No. 9: Up in Smoke: Is Marijuana the New Martini?

Why You Should Care: Thanks to legalization and a distaste for hangovers, more Americans are choosing cannabis over alcohol and pain pills. 

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No. 10: Unknown Best-Seller: She Outsold Dickens, So Why Don’t We Know Her Name?

Why You Should Care: Marie Corelli melded Victorian ideas of technology, melodrama and the occult into her novels, yet nobody reads her anymore.

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