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From VR wine goggles to an app that lets you sue people, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week it was highs and lows at U.S. borders. To the south, President Trump made a new threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border using military force. And to the north, Canada became the world’s second country after Uruguay to legalize recreational marijuana.

OZY is also buzzing with some fantastic stories about interesting people, cool concepts, compelling histories and provocative discussions. Read all about it here in our favorite stories on OZY this week.

No. 1: Take On America: When Black Men Defended Brett Kavanaugh in Baltimore

Why You Should Care: This is what happens when 100 Black men discuss race, Donald Trump, policing and fatherhood. Watch the show.

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No. 2: Around the World: Countries Are Dead, So It’s Time to Think Differently

Why You Should Care: It’s time for cities to take back their rightful place as the most fundamental building block of human society.

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No. 3: Meet: The Young Product Guru Giving Independent Artists a Voice at Spotify

Why You Should Care: At age 30, Kene Anoliefo has already achieved what most hope to do over a long career. 

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No. 4: Robot Wars: A.I. Heralds End of the Passport Line … and Start of a Privacy Row

Why You Should Care: The U.S. government is helping develop border-security technology, but what about bias and errors caused by artificial intelligence? 

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No. 5: The Huddle: X Games Seek X-Factor Down Under

Why You Should Care: If a skateboarder does a 360 in Australia, do they spin the opposite way? 

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No. 6: True Story: You Can Learn Everything You Need to Know by Teaching 4th Graders in Iraqi Kurdistan

Why You Should Care: It takes a lot of small lessons to make some big ones.

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No. 7: Scandalous: The President Behind the U.S. Supreme Court’s Worst Decision

Why You Should Care: In 1857, a newly elected American president conspired behind the scenes with the Supreme Court to produce perhaps the worst decision in its history. 

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No. 8: Newsmaker to Know: Joshua Browder Is Serving Vigilante Justice Through an App

Why You Should Care: This “Robin Hood of the internet” made it possible to sue anyone for up to $25,000 with an app. 

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No. 9: Wrong Call: A Whopping 1 in 3 Death Certificates List Wrong Cause of Death

Why You Should Care: Studies across the United States show that what ends up on forms about the deceased is often inaccurate. 

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No. 10: In the Spotlight: So Long, Beer Goggles. Hello, VR Wine Goggles

Why You Should Care: From Australia to Argentina and New Zealand to Napa Valley, winemakers are turning to augmented and virtual reality to attract a new generation of customers.

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