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From Snapchat surgery to new stars of the rodeo, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been a tech-tastic week on OZY. We introduced you to a new simmering hub of tech: Paris, with its  enviable work culture, is poised to become the European Silicon Valley. The world of virtual reality is delivering a sense of escape to terminally ill children — by taking them into space. And, coming to a waiting room near you: real-time operating room updates direct to your phone.

Also, did you know that the next wave of rodeo star hopefuls are Native American millennials? Or that in India there’s a naturally occurring “beer” made from tree sap with a perilously short shelf life? Or that NASA once thought that it had brought bacteria to the moon? We have even more delights for you to discover — thought-provoking stories about the new space race, the future of gaming and a pint-size boxer with Olympic dreams. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: New Tech Central: Paris, the Rising Hope for a European Silicon Valley

Why You Should Care: The French, with their 35-hour workweek and café culture, might be poised to attract the next great tech talent.

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No. 2: Poster Provocation: Why Communist China Is Apologizing 

Why You Should Care: Demonstrations against propaganda posters are forcing local authorities to climb down. But that doesn’t mean the Communist Party is reforming.

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No. 3: Snapchat Surgery: The Doctors Sending Video Updates Mid-Operation

Why You Should Care: Because you could be getting a full view of your loved one’s next surgery.

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No. 4: Great Escape: VR Gives Terminally Ill Children the Experience of a Lifetime

Why You Should Care: Because this virtual experience can breathe life into desperate times for sick kids. 

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No. 5: Indigenous Cowboys: Native American Millennials Take Over the Rodeo … but It’s a Bumpy Ride

Why You Should Care: The image of the traditional cowboy is about to change. 

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No. 6: New Space Command: Goodbye, Space Coast. Hello, Space Mountains

Why You Should Care: When you think of the American space industry, you probably think of California or Florida. Think again.

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No. 7: Future of Gaming: Reclaiming Lost Palestinian Dreams Through Role-Play

Why You Should Care: Laura Alajma is spreading live-action role-playing throughout the Palestinian territories and the broader Arab world.

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No. 8: Drink Before It Stinks: This Natural Beer Turns Dangerous Within an Hour

Why You Should Care: Salfi is a self-fermenting palm tree sap that becomes intoxicating on its own. Drink it fresh, or else.

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No. 9: Pint-Size Fighter: This Boxer’s Olympic Dreams Began in a Forest Hut

Why You Should Care: Because Nutlai Lalbiakkima could surprise a nation unaccustomed to Olympic success.

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No. 10: Bugs in Space: When NASA Thought Bacteria Had Survived on the Moon

Why You Should Care: When the moon probe Surveyor III returned in 1969, it brought a mystery with it. 

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