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From digital tipping to a water-cleaning tap, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week on OZY we brought you a story on the cool world of digital tipping — companies that let users tip for services like paycheck advances, podcasts and live music. And we also introduced you to Dan Ahrens, who recently lit up Wall Street with his new marijuana-based exchange-traded fund.

We have even more delights for you to discover — thought-provoking stories about people and inventions making a difference, the arms race among tech giants and China’s new-school weapon against Taiwan. We also dig up the truth on some of Colorado’s really strange laws and look back at baseball’s original secret weapon and a love story involving a trans man, his wife and their bear. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Future Titans: Meet the Man With an $80 Billion Wall Street Weed Plan

Why You Should Care: Any idiot can be a blue-chip investor. But it takes audacity to double down on alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

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No. 2: Money Smarts: The Rise of Digital Tipping — From Music to Your Own Paycheck

Why You Should Care: This Chinese system has generated millions in revenue for streaming platforms, and now the U.S. is at the tipping point.   

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No. 3: The Huddle: Baseball’s Original Secret Weapon: The Spitball

Why You Should Care: In 1920, pitcher Stanley Coveleski won three games for the Indians in the World Series. His main pitch then got banned. 

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No. 4: Clean H2O to Go: This Simple Tap Could Save Thousands of Lives in the Next Disaster

Why You Should Care: This fresh approach to water filtration removes bacteria and germs without electricity or chemicals.

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No. 5: True Story: A Journey From Blasphemy and Death Row to Safety

Why You Should Care: After nearly a decade in prison, Asia Bibi has left Pakistan, where religious minorities still face persecution, for Canada. 

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No. 6: Future of Gaming: ‘Fortnite’ Success Sparks Arms Race Among Tech Giants

Why You Should Care: Tech titans are launching an arms race to shape the future of video games.

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No. 7: In the Spotlight: This Nigerian Conflict Is Proving Deadlier Than Boko Haram

Why You Should Care: An under-the-radar ethnic conflict is eclipsing the infamous terror group as the biggest security threat facing Africa’s largest economy. 

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No. 8: Getting Schooled: China’s New Weapon Against Taiwan? Educating Its Best and Brightest

Why You Should Care: In the ideological war over Taiwan’s autonomy, winning hearts and minds could give China a big boost.  

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No. 9: Arresting News: Examining the Wild, Wild Laws of Colorado

Why You Should Care: It’s legal to smoke pot here, but God forbid you should throw a snowball.

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No. 10: Love Curiously: The Wild Romance of a Trans Man, His Wife and Their Bear

Why You Should Care: Joe Lobdell and Marie Perry had to fight to live and love in an unforgiving age.

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