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From bullfighting’s new home to super-accurate ambulances, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week, the world watched, stunned, as fire devastated Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a loss that spurred huge donations from billionaires.

There were also some significant discoveries this week — one in the sky and one in a drawer. The universe’s most ancient type of molecule, related to the Big Bang, was found in space, and a new species of a giant hyper-carnivorous lion was identified after examination of a fossil that had been sitting in a Kenyan museum drawer for decades. 

We have more curiosities for you to discover on OZY — 10 fantastic stories about people making the world a better place, global innovations that might be good for the U.S., the new hotbed of fashion, an indigenous Indian brew made from sweet flowers and the new home of Spanish bullfighting … in the U.S. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Let’s Copy That: For Ambulances That Can Track You Down to 10 Inches, Come to West Africa

Why You Should Care: One of the world’s poorest regions is emerging as an unlikely hotbed of innovation for transforming emergency care. 

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No. 2: Seeing Red: Spanish Bullfighting Finds a New Home in South Texas

Why You Should Care: As restrictions on bullfighting emerge around the world, South Texas is becoming a magnet for international fighters.      

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No. 3: Tipple Time: The Banned Booze Making Its Way Into Indian Hearts and Liquor Cabinets

Why You Should Care: Traditional mahua has been kept off the shelves by legal restrictions and a dodgy colonial classification. That’s about to change.

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No. 4: Fashion Forward: Why China Will Decide the New Black

Why You Should Care: From a giant market to the test lab of fashion, China is where top luxury brands will soon try out new products and strategies before taking them to the world. 

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No. 5: Time to Innovate: Enter the Era of ‘Entrepreneur-nity Leave’

Why You Should Care: Startups are flourishing in countries that offer job-protected leave to employees. Should the U.S. do the same? 

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No. 6: On the Left: The Next Robert Mueller … or a Liberal Brett Kavanaugh?

Why You Should Care: Elizabeth Prelogar, a former Miss Idaho, is going places in Washington.   

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No. 7: In the Spotlight: A New African Country Stands Between Europe and Instability

Why You Should Care: Squeezed in by internal conflicts and war-torn neighbors, Niger is a tinderbox that increasingly holds the key to security across West Africa. 

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No. 8: Meet: This Trans Politico Is Changing Indonesia From the Inside

Why You Should Care: Kety Haji Jalla is an educator and political activist in an unusually tolerant part of Indonesia.

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No. 9: Love, Curiously: The Woman of His Dreams Died. But He Didn’t Let That Pull Them Apart

Why You Should Care: Dr. Carl von Cosel’s obsession with a former patient didn’t stop when her heart did. 

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No. 10: Tourist Tip: How You Can Enjoy Two-Hour Sex Hotels in Buenos Aires

Why You Should Care: There’s a telo in just about every neighborhood, but you’ll need to know how to find it.

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