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From toy sharing to lifesaving, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week treated us to two big finds — one on the ground and one deep in space. In a game-changing discovery, a previously unknown species of ancient humanHomo luzonensis, was unearthed in a cave in the Philippines. And in the sky, thrilled astronomers were able to capture the world’s first-ever photo of a black hole

We have more delights for you to discover on OZY — 10 fantastic stories about people taking a stand and making the world a better place, new ways to share (rides and toys), a crowdfunded library, a CEO who saved a million lives and a true story that will break your heart. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Unconventional CEOs: Can This Siberian Entrepreneur Make You Haggle for Your Ride?

Why You Should Care: Arsen Tomsky believes he’s created a ride-hailing app for freedom-loving folks.

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No. 2: Rising Star: How a ‘Secular’ President Is Wooing Conservative Muslims

Why You Should Care: Indonesia’s Joko Widodo is losing secular voters and picking up conservative ones instead, which could influence how he governs if he wins again.     

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No. 3: True Story: Attacked by Pirates and Jailed: How I Saved My Husband … But Lost Our Son

Why You Should Care: Because even in the darkest situations, you can help the people you love the most.  

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No. 4: It Takes a Village: The City That Crowdfunded Its Only Library From a Facebook Post

Why You Should Care: Because a love of books and reading can go a long way.

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No. 5: Taking a Stand: Rising Above the Stigma of ‘Sheedi’

Why You Should Care: Because Pakistan’s minorities are finding a foothold in local politics for the first time.

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No. 6: Play Nice: A Lesson for the Toy Industry’s Future: Sharing

Why You Should Care: Because millennial parents care about the environment and their hard-earned money.

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No. 7: Smart With Your Money: Get Your Data Back Without Paying Ransom

Why You Should Care: Because ransomware is becoming more and more sophisticated. 

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No. 8: Need to Know: Bombs at Home, Backlash Outside: Kashmir’s New Education Crisis

Why You Should Care: Growing attacks on Kashmiri youth in other Indian states are making families sever a rare bridge with India — seeking education outside the state.  

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No. 9: Buckle Up: How Volvo’s Chief Saved a Million Lives

Why You Should Care: Gunnar Engellau passed his company’s “safest” secret — the seat belt — on to others for free.

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No. 10: The Huddle: How One Player Helped Angelenos and the Dodgers Bridge Their Divide

Why You Should Care: The Dodgers owe their hometown cred to this guy.

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