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Our 10 Must-Read Stories — the OZY Highlight Reel

Our 10 Must-Read Stories — the OZY Highlight Reel

By OZY Editors



From tiny drone spies to the roots of tree-hugging, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned that Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, and Australia experienced its hottest March on record. In happier news, researchers discovered that pumpkin toadlets, who are deaf, may use glowing bony plates on their back to communicate. And cats — those that aren’t deaf — do actually know the sound of their names (whether or not they choose to acknowledge them). 

We have more good news for you: 10 fantastic stories about people doing remarkable things, technology that can improve your life, where to find the next soccer superstar, the real roots of tree-hugging and the powers of pole-dancing. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Robots of Tomorrow: Insect-Size Drones, Coming to a Spy Mission Near You

Why You Should Care: Because bio-inspired design might make technology much more efficient.

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No. 2: By the Numbers: Utah Has America’s Largest Households. Now It Also Has a Housing Shortage

Why You Should Care:  The Beehive State’s homes are the fullest in the U.S., and with more people moving there, it faces a unique challenge.    

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No. 3: Footie Focus: Europe’s Next Big Soccer Stars Will Come From … Major League Soccer

Why You Should Care: The league’s new business model is preparing local and international talent like never before. 

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No. 4: Money Smarts: Teach Kids the Value of Cash … With a Parent-Controlled Spending Card

Why You Should Care:  Mobile startups are offering cashless spending to the young and pre-banked. 

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No. 5: Standing Up: This Store Worker Is Fighting for the Right to Sit

Why You Should Care:  Maya Devi’s “sitting strike” helped change the law for saleswomen in the shops of Kerala, India. But it’s only the beginning.

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No. 6: Fortune Seekers: How Chinese Entrepreneurs Are Quietly Reshaping Africa

Why You Should Care:  They’re setting up base by the thousands and could shape the continent more than Beijing’s large investments.

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No. 7: Powering Up: Women-Led Protests Are Shaking Up Sudan

Why You Should Care:  Strongman leader Omar al-Bashir used repressive laws to keep women down for three decades. Now they’re leading the charge to replace him.  

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No. 8: Deep Roots: How the Tree-Hugging Movement Got Started in a Small Indian Village

Why You Should Care:  An attempt to save the trees of Reni, India, inspired an enduring term — and a movement. 

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No. 9: The Thread: Lorena Bobbitt… By Way of Insanity

Why You Should Care:  John Wayne Bobbitt awoke to every man’s nightmare: a severed penis. The jury found his wife, the assailant, not guilty.

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No. 10: Unapologetic: Making Music With Tony the Two-Spirit Native American

Why You Should Care:  Tony Enos, an “urban Indian,” uses music melded with gender queerness to carry on Native American tradition in style.

This story is part of our Webby Award–nominated series Unapologetic.

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