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From a new shopping trend to a home turned film star, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It was a week of plane grounding, Brexit deal battling and college admissions scandals. But also, 16-year-old climate striker Greta Thunberg was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, a Japanese woman smashed the world pi record and an ancient “starry dwarf frog” has been discovered in India. 

Here at OZY we also love good stories — from a woman breaking barriers in esports to a colorful DIY designer taking on the Paris fashion scene. Here are 10 fantastic stories about people doing cool things, life-hacking tips, the future of shopping, provocative thoughts on hot topics and informative pieces to vault you ahead. Happy weekend!

No. 1: By the Numbers: The Beaches Are Nice. The Inequality? Not So Much

Why You Should Care: The future of Thai politics may depend on one rising problem: staggering inequality.

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Why You Should Care: In academia and politics, we deal well with open criminality, but not the rampant favor-buying behind the scenes.    

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No. 3: Must-Watch Movie: This Glass Room With a View Is the Star of a New Film

Why You Should Care: This is your chance to see a light-filled functionalist Czech villa that’s been to hell and back. 

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No. 4: Game On: She Ditched Law School to Break Barriers in Esports

Why You Should Care: Molly “AVALLA” Kim brings an innovative style as the first female coach in the Overwatch League. 

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No. 5: Focus on BOPUS: Talking Shop: Can Click-and-Collect Challenge Amazon?

Why You Should Care:  More retailers are offering buy online, pick up in store (BOPUS) options to compete with Amazon. But they’ll need to iron out some wrinkles.  

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No. 6: Future of Fashion: When DIY Style Meets Highbrow Paris Fashion

Why You Should Care: Lisa Gachet’s Make My Lemonade is a colorful alternative to the Paris fashion scene of Canal St.-Martin.

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No. 7: History Repeating: Simón Bolívar Made Exactly the Same Mistakes Maduro Is Making

Why You Should Care: Venezuela’s president and his opposition draw inspiration from this legendary Latin American leader.  

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No. 8: Power and Politics: Will the ‘Live Free or Die’ State Usher in Ranked-Choice Voting?

Why You Should Care: A new way to vote could open up the pivotal New Hampshire primary.

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No. 9: Propaganda Push: Why Russia Is Making Stalin Great Again

Why You Should Care: The Soviet dictator is back in vogue, pitting Stalinists against a Russian civil society desperate to keep the memory of his victims alive.  

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No. 10: Hilarious How-Tos: Why You’ll Love Life Hack Tips From South Africa’s First YouTube Star

Why You Should Care: SuzelleDIY is a quirky South African DIY diva who delivers life advice with laughs and bad puns.

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