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From plant power to musician magic, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It was a big week in health news. The FDA approved a new antidepressant (a cousin of ketamine) that is delivered via nasal spray, providing much quicker relief. And a second patient is now considered “cured” of HIV, according to doctors. 

Here at OZY, we like good health news — and you get more of that in The Future of X: Health, our latest podcast. We also like really good stories. Here are our favorites on OZY this week: 10 fantastic stories about people making a difference, new pathways to peace and understanding, new connections via technology and how music can change the world. Also, a killer elephant who became a local hero. 

No. 1: Plant Couture: Can Vegan Fashion Go Cheap … but Avoid the Way of the Sweatshop?

Why You Should Care: Demand for animal-friendly clothing is growing globally, alongside pressure to keep prices down. 

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No. 2: Cell Shame: Turn Off That Phone! Now Kids Are Rebuking Their Parents

Why You Should Care: A new global survey suggests parents have something new to feel guilty about when it comes to smartphones and their children.  

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No. 3: Teaming Up: Esports Gets Its Next Stamp of Approval — From Hip-Hop Stars

Why You Should Care: From record-breaking Twitch streams and music festivals to marketing deals and apparel collaborations, hip-hop and esports are joining forces.  

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No. 4: ‘I Am the Revolution’: Meet the Gritty Gloria Steinems of the Middle East

Why You Should Care: In this new documentary, three women show the many faces of revolution, from politics and activism to military might.

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No. 5: Planting Peace: Colombia’s Hip-Hop Gardener Fuels a Green Resistance

Why You Should Care: Luis “AKA” Ramírez brings young and old together to heal a traumatized slice of Medellín. 

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No. 6: Opinion: Do Kurds Hold Keys to Syrian Peace?

Why You Should Care: Having recently released Islamic State fighters, Syria’s Kurds are gaining prominence. Salih Muslim Muhammad explains why Kurds are a force to be reckoned with.

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No. 7: In the Spotlight: ‘Incurable’ Bladder Pain Brings Women Together to Fight Back

Why You Should Care: Medicine has failed to find a cure for interstitial cystitis, a painful condition mostly affecting women. So they’re finding their own cures.  

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No. 8: Tribal Threat: India’s Rocker Aristocrat Takes on Modi

Why You Should Care: Pradyot Bikram Manikya Debbarma, a royal scion of the northeastern Indian state of Tripura, is an emerging youth leader.

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No. 9: Special Strongman: How an American Weightlifter Tore Down the Iron Curtain

Why You Should Care: Paul Anderson, at age 22, made Soviet audiences gasp as he smashed records before their eyes.  

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No. 10: Pachyderm Power: The Elephant That Turned From Serial Killer to Local Hero

Why You Should Care: Murthy killed dozens of people, but then he devoted his life to stopping other would-be killer elephants. 

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