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From a potential cure for insomnia to a potential cure for populism, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned that a zebra’s stripes have a previously unknown purpose: really great insect control. And we also found out about a Tolkien fan in Atlanta, Georgia, who has named all 90 of her rescue animals after The Lord of the Rings characters.

We love animal stories here at OZY, but we also have so much more. Here are our favorites from this week: from visionaries pushing boundaries to a flashy battle technique of yore, and from a hidden hotspot of Turkish food to new sleep tech. 

No. 1: League of Her Own: Could This Court Legend Become the First Female NBA GM?

Why You Should Care: After success in the WNBA, Tamika Catchings is navigating how to build a new career. But why choose just one?

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No. 2: Meet: Amid Upheaval in the West, He’s Sketching a Social Safety Net 2.0

Why You Should Care: Nicolas Colin, an “action intellectual” Frenchman living in London, just might have the cure for populism. But the details are fuzzy.

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No. 3: Scrumptious Street: Don’t Miss the Hidden Hub of Turkish Cuisine in London

Why You Should Care: This mecca of mouthwatering moussaka has thrived on an unassuming stretch of north London street for decades.

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No. 4: Sleep Science: Electromagnetic Pulses: Cure for Insomnia or the Latest Snake Oil?

Why You Should Care: A growing number of companies want to solve sleep problems once and for all with electrostimulation devices. 

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No. 5: Pay Parity: The Sport That Doesn’t Make Women Fight for a Paycheck

Why You Should Care: For female athletes, snowboarding and other winter sports can be a haven of pay parity.

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No. 6: Big Crash: The Collapse of the USSR Was Bad for Venezuela. This Is Worse

Why You Should Care: Economists aren’t optimistic that even an entirely new economic policy could put Venezuela on a swift path to recovery.

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No. 7: Shock and Awe: How Dazzling Chinese Silk Defeated the Roman Army

Why You Should Care: If you’re outnumbered in a battle, remember that you can always turn to showmanship. 

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No. 8: Rising Star: Can a Comics App With 130M Users Become China’s Marvel?

Why You Should Care: Anni Chen runs a wildly successful platform for comic artists in China. And she’s thinking bigger.

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No. 9: Opinion: Bolly-tics: Why Stars Pose for Selfies With Modi

Why You Should Care: India’s film stars are chumming up to the country’s prime minister … after remaining silent on attacks on minorities. Dangerous, but understandable. 

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No. 10: Photo Essay: Meet the Women Fighting Child Marriage in India’s Mining Communities

Why You Should Care: These communities, having lost countless husbands and sons, are creating new paths of hope and independence.

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