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From saving pangolins to getting mindful in the sky, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been a busy week of delivery: In politics, President Donald Trump delivered an 82-minute State of the Union address; in religion, Pope Francis delivered his first papal Mass on the Arabian Peninsula; and on the internet, a new crop of disability-themed emojis will be delivered soon to a messaging app near you.

We also have something for you: 10 fantastic stories about people doing cool things, technology that can improve your life, finding Zen while traveling, a new sport to try and helping to save a cute, scaly creature. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Meet the CEO: Can She Make Brands Say Yes to Reddit?

Why You Should Care: Chief operating officer Jen Wong is turning the internet’s front page into a space where advertisers want to be. 

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No. 2: To the Rescue: Pakistan Fights to Save the Adorable and Endangered Pangolin

Why You Should Care:  Pangolin numbers have gone down by 80 percent in five years in Pakistan. Now, a nascent resistance is brewing.  

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No. 3: WTF is Bandy?: Hockey and Soccer Fans: Here Is Your New Favorite Sport

Why You Should Care: This hybrid sport is huge in Russia and Scandinavia — but you probably haven’t heard of bandy in the U.S. 

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No. 4: Carnivore Central: The State in ‘Vegetarian’ India Where 98 Percent of People Eat Meat

Why You Should Care:  India has more vegetarians than anywhere else. But you wouldn’t know it in the southern state of Telangana. 

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No. 5: Mile-High Mindfulness: Wellness at 30,000 Feet: Now Airlines Compete for Your Peace of Mind

Why You Should Care: From yoga and meditation to exercise and virtual reality experiences, airlines are battling to offer passengers the best onboard wellness solutions. 

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No. 6: Meet: From Local Boy Made Good to Kashmir Nationalist

Why You Should Care:  Shah Faesal became a star for his success on a national civil service exam. Now he’s turning to politics, and it’s getting rough.

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No. 7: Celebrate Clutter: Slobs, Rejoice: Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Messy Desk

Why You Should Care: Keeping that desk cluttered just might prompt your next creative breakthrough.

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No. 8: Sleep Science: If You Love Her Like You Say You Do … Stop Snoring

Why You Should Care:  These devices aim to fix snoring at its cause. But are they worth the price? 

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No. 9: Rum Gagger!: How to Swear Like a 19th-Century Sailor

Why You Should Care:  Because a dirty and dangerous world largely devoid of women can lead to a rather creative vocabulary.

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No. 10: Extreme Dating: What Grindr Gives, a Cat (Gladly) Took Away

Why You Should Care:  Sometimes the most polite thing to do to beat back a bad date is to take advantage of a cat and histamines.

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