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From saving big bucks on meds to being a conservative feminist, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week saw the U.S. shutdown surpass one month, the Venezuelan military declare loyalty to President Nicolás Maduro and China post its slowest growth in decades. In the skies there was a lunar phenomenon known as the “Super Bold Wolf Moon,” and among the stars Roma and The Favourite topped this year’s Oscar nominations.

We have some heavenly reads for you this week — with fantastic stories about interesting people, cool concepts, compelling histories, news you can use and provocative discussions. Read all about it here in our favorite stories on OZY this week.

No. 1: Type A: Meet the 22-Year-Old Breaking the Blood Bank Crisis in Cameroon

Why You Should Care: Getting a blood transfusion in Cameroon used to take about a week — now, thanks to Melissa Bime, the wait is one hour.

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No. 2: Captainless Cargo: The Future of Maritime Trade? Unmanned Ships

Why You Should Care: Autonomous ships are set to ride rough waves and weather a storm of concerns to reshape one of mankind’s oldest modes of transportation. 

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No. 3: Future of Food: Where Is the World’s Next Meal Coming From? The Netherlands

Why You Should Care: The U.S. is still the world’s biggest agricultural exporter. But in second place is the little country that could. 

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No. 4: Cheaper Drugs: This App Could Save You Hundreds on Monthly Prescriptions

Why You Should Care: Want to find the cheapest price for your meds? This app will help you.

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No. 5: Who, Me?: Yes, You Can Be a Conservative Feminist

Why You Should Care: The Women’s March and the 2020 Democratic presidential field are trying to define feminism as for liberals only. Don’t let them.

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No. 6: Wage Gap: The Difference Between a Worker and an Exec? About 4,400 Years

Why You Should Care: As the World Economic Forum in Davos focuses on globalization, it needs to consider the vast inequalities currently plaguing the system.

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No. 7: City Futures: A Park Over a Lake? Welcome to the Future of Asia’s Public Spaces

Why You Should Care: Asian megacities are finding innovative new fixes to urbanization’s destruction of traditional public spaces. 

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No. 8: Immodest Proposal: Let’s Scrap the Worst All-Star Game in Sports

Why You Should Care: It’s time the NFL ditches the Pro Bowl for a weekend of forward-looking football. 

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No. 9: #FakeBeerNews?: Did PBR Really Win Its Iconic Blue Ribbon?

Why You Should Care: America’s hipster beer of choice claims to have won its namesake at the 1893 World’s Fair. But the details aren’t so cut and dried. 

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No. 10: Roadside Treats: The Best South African Doughnuts Are Braided and Sold at ‘Robots’

Why You Should Care: These twisted sisters are crispy, chewy, sugary treats sold at intersections in South Africa.

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