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From cities rising from the rubble to hiking by wheelchair, here is the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week saw the longest partial government shutdown in history continue to squeeze the U.S., and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May surviving a no-confidence vote after her latest Brexit deal was rejected. 

While some things seem like they’re at a standstill, life moves on in other ways. This week on OZY we’ve had some delightfully forward-thinking, provocative and feel-good stories — and a personal take on a run-in with a very well-known band that might make you question your fandom. So settle in and enjoy some of our favorite reads this week. 

No. 1: Sea Change: Can She Keep Miami Beach Above the Rising Sea?

Why You Should Care: Scientists research and politicians make laws, but bureaucrats like Susanne Torriente are where the rubber meets the (raised) road.

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No. 2: Accessible Adventures: Where You Can Hike to the End of the World — in a Wheelchair

Why You Should Care: Not only does this stunning park have dozens of trails, but some of its challenging treks are accessible by a specialized all-terrain chair too.

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No. 3: Of the Ashes: Freed From ISIS, Cities Design Different Dreams for the Future

Why You Should Care: Battling a lack of funding and political apathy, Marawi, Mosul and Kobani are trying to build modern cities from the rubble.   

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No. 4: Meet: At 73, He’s Fighting to Revive the Martial Art You’ve Never Heard Of

Why You Should Care: San Kim Sean, a Cambodian master of bokator, is trying to spread this technique in the kingdom.

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No. 5: A Good Bet: Now Virtual Sports Have Fantasy Leagues Too

Why You Should Care: As daily fantasy sports struggles to recapture its rapid early-stage growth, esports is aging into a sports betting savior. 

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No. 6: By the Numbers: The Race Gap Nobody Is Talking About Is in the Classroom

Why You Should Care: For student performance — and well-being — the lack of nonwhite teachers is taking a toll.

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No. 7: Flashback: The Mysterious Plane Crash That Changed Pakistan

Why You Should Care: It took an unexplained air disaster to help this South Asian country shift from dictatorship to democracy.

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No. 8: Need to Know: How the Debate Over Israel Could Separate 2020 Contenders

Why You Should Care: For the first time in decades, an American political party could have a full debate on the Jewish state.

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No. 9: Poetic Handrail: Braille Fence at Naples Castle Offers Stunning ‘View’

Why You Should Care: This wall breathes life — physically and poetically — into an incredible look at the city.

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No. 10: Sucky and Catchy: A Complicated Case for Hating the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Why You Should Care: Who doesn’t like the genital-sock-sporting clown kings of frat funk? OZY’s Eugene S. Robinson, that’s who.

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