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From life after Facebook to slow dating, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

Happy New Year! This week we brought you some political predictions for 2019 (and some tongue-in-cheek job options for the New Year), as well as the latest ways practitioners are looking to change the way we approach our health. 

There’s been so much happening, but take some time to slow down a little and savor a few great stories. Here are some of our favorites on OZY this week. Find a comfortable space and enjoy these great reads.

No. 1: Opinion: Why the US Is the World’s No. 1 Hot Spot

Why You Should Care: Washington’s wavering ways mean America is the biggest puzzle piece on the global stage as we look to 2019. 

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No. 2: A Bit of Fun: Underemployed or Unfulfilled? These ‘Hot Jobs’ Could Be Huge in 2019

Why You Should Care: A top 10 list … and a cheeky take on new careers for those looking to get ahead this year. 

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No. 3: Unfriended: Life After Facebook: What Would the World Lose … and Gain?

Why You Should Care: If Facebook suddenly disappeared, we’d lose out on a lot more than just photo sharing and messaging. 

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No. 4: Health, Disrupted: The Native American Healer Reviving the Medicine of Her Ancestors

Why You Should Care: Linda Black Elk is on a mission to integrate Native American traditional medicine with Western approaches to offer patients new ways to heal.

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No. 5: Big Moves: Why People Are Flocking From California to Arizona

Why You Should Care: As people exit the Golden State in growing numbers, the Grand Canyon State is becoming an attractive alternative.

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No. 6: Need to Know: Look Into OZY’s Crystal Ball for Washington in 2019

Why You Should Care: What’s next for Donald Trump and the new Congress? Buckle up for OZY’s 2019 Beltway broadcast.

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No. 7: Take Your Time: This Slow Dating App Takes a Swipe at the Competition

Why You Should Care: European dating app Once gives you just one match per day, promising more meaningful connections. But will it take off in the U.S.? 

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No. 8: Looking Ahead: The Big Global Vote of 2019

Why You Should Care: Giant democracies, key economies, brittle blocs and nations at war will all pick future leaders this year.

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No. 9: Flashback: The 201-Year-Old Battle That Still Divides India

Why You Should Care: In 1818, “untouchables” joined forces with British colonizers. Their victory has become an assertion of pride for India’s marginalized Dalit community.

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No. 10: Love-ly Light Show: Art That Takes After Your Own Heart

Why You Should Care: This interactive artistic experience lets you create art from heartbeats. 

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