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Our 10 Must-Read Stories: The Best of OZY ... Tribe Curations

Our 10 Must-Read Stories: The Best of OZY ... Tribe Curations

By OZY Editors


From an ambitious Middle Eastern clown to an angelic troublemaker, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we introduced you to some of the many amazing personalities who make up OZY’s tribe — from recent graduate and Atlanta native Nat Roe’s thirst for adventure and Eugene Robinson’s sly sense of humor (and embrace of grandfatherhood) to managing editor and British transplant Fay Schlesinger’s unquenchable curiosity. Each day, a different OZY staffer curated the OZY Daily Dose, sharing with you their favorite features, TV shows, videos and podcasts.

Here’s a roundup of 10 of the top picks from this week’s curations. But please be sure to tune in tomorrow to see cofounder and Editor-in-Chief Carlos Watson’s 2018 must-reads. Meanwhile, we wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season and 2019.

No. 1: On Your Plate: This Toilet-Themed Restaurant Is Not for the Faint of Stomach

Why You Should Care: With menu items like explosive diarrhea curry, this Taiwan eatery is visited for the experience, not the cuisine.

No. 2: New Form of Protest: Nicaragua’s Forrest Gump Runs Against President Ortega

Why You Should Care: Alex Vanegas risks his life by running to protest a murderous regime, but he doesn’t know how to stop. 

No. 3: Generation Gap: Becoming a Grander Father

Why You Should Care: Having kids is heavy enough of a life event all on its own. But when your kids start having kids? That kind of event is measured on the Richter scale.

No. 4: LOL: The Most Ambitious Clown in the Middle East

Why You Should Care: Sabine Choucair travels around Lebanon’s refugee camps to record and create art based on the stories of the displaced.


No. 5: Breaking Big: Trevor Noah’s Mom Thought He Was Selling Drugs

Why You Should Care: The South African host of The Daily Show tells Carlos Watson about the hardships he endured on his way to success.

No. 6: Knockout: When Black Men Defended Brett Kavanaugh in Baltimore

Why You Should Care: Take on America: This is what happens when 100 Black men discuss race, Donald Trump, policing and fatherhood.

No. 7: Sexism Challenged: Ugandan Women Fight Lazy Husbands With $6 Sex Tax

Why You Should Care: Married women in Uganda are employing an unlikely weapon against a patriarchal society: demanding money from their husbands for sex. 

No. 8: Bible Education: What the Foreskin of Jesus Can Teach Us All

Why You Should Care: The legendary sacred foreskin of Jesus of Nazareth has been the subject of marvel, ridicule, faith and scandal throughout its illustrious history. 

No. 9: Rhyme & Reason: This Poet Slams the Competition. Is Broadway Next?

Why You Should Care: At 21, Mecca Verdell is at the forefront of Baltimore’s thriving slam poetry scene. Is it too far too fast?

No. 10: On the Catwalk: Your Next Hot Fashion Is Made in Vietnam

Why You Should Care: A new generation of designers is bringing international attention to Vietnam. 


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