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One King To Krule Them All

One King To Krule Them All

By Jared Frazer


Because the last ginger to sing this deep was way too clingy.

By Jared Frazer

Full disclosure: I’m a daywalker. I have red hair and pasty white skin that can exist only under conditional sunlit circumstances. When I discover anyone of a similar ilk in pop culture, my preternatural proclivity is to champion that fellow traveler to an annoying degree. Deal with it.

…that brawny voice is coming from that scrawny, blade-like featured frame.

But in the case of King Krule, it’s about much more than a reflex. The compelling emotions expressed in Mount Kimbie’s 2013 single “You Took Your Time,” featuring 19-year-old King Krule, hit me hard, and set me off on a journey to consume more. King Krule’s debut, and only, full-length album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon delivered 14 more tracks by this soulful, word weaving screamer. Only then did I first glimpse that King Krule is a daywalking ginger, just like yours truly.  >>Insert high-pitched man squeal here. The U.K.-born King’s hair color was fascinating, but even more so was realizing that brawny voice is coming from that scrawny, blade-like featured frame. It’s a sinewy voice steeped in a troubled upbringing by two parents split between East Dulwich and Peckham. Born Archy Marshall, Krule found that school wasn’t his strong suit, but donning one was. He’s typically seen performing in a suit and tie, adding another twist to the performance styles he’s remixing.

It’s been said that humans like songs that have universal elements: musical moments we’ve heard, identified, compartmentalized and which can be recalled and easily understood in under two minutes. 6 Feet Beneath The Moon isn’t redefining music, but it offers a unique pastiche of jazz, trip hop, hip hop, punk and, come to think of it, a bit of house. Like trying a new cuisine full of all the flavors you love, let the King’s music hit your ears, swirl around the palette of your mind, and transport you.   


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