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To celebrate our fifth birthday, and the holidays, we’re looking back at some of the 700+ times OZY has put you ahead of the curve over the years.

By OZY Editors

OZY just turned five — so we’re taking the opportunity to wish ourselves a happy birthday and you a happy holiday season. To celebrate this milestone, we’re taking you through the 12 Days of OZY (one story today, then two, three, four etc. in the run-up to Christmas), telling you why we’re here and sharing examples of the 700+ times we have delivered on our promise to bring you ahead-of-the-curve, provocative and thoughtful news coverage.

OZY co-founders Carlos Watson and Samir Rao — lovers of great storytelling — looked out into the media landscape six years ago and found a stark lack of originality. Legacy outlets were offering similar headlines and failing to thrill curious readers in a way that would excite them about the world around them.

So OZY set off to do just that — and, to this day, feeds the minds of curious readers by offering them new takes on the exciting and surprising world around them, near and far. For your chance to win an OZY birthday gift — everything from hoodies and water bottles to tickets to next summer’s OZY Fest in NYC — please tell us how we’re doing by taking this survey (in the line asking for your email, mention “birthday” for a chance to win OZY prizes). And come back for Day 4.

No. 3: Looking for love? OZY’s got you covered — from hot beards and mind games to polyamory

Facial hair makes men look more socially dominant and mature — and the more the better. OZY uncovered why it is that women like men with hair on the face, and how men with short, scruffy beards are seen as good prospects for short-term relationships. Those with full-on beards, meanwhile, do best at netting women’s attention for longer.

Meanwhile, for those who are suffering from a love-life dip, psychologists say it’s possible to regulate one’s loving feelings with a few minds games. By reappraising, or looking back on images and focusing on positive aspects of your beloved, you can boost those warm fuzzies all over again.

And for some, loving just one other person isn’t enough. Luckily for them, polyamory is on the rise. We’re talking about those with multiple committed relationships at once — and no secrets — and while major studies of this lifestyle don’t exist, evidence from polyamory groups, relationship therapists and dating websites suggests that the figure is rising fast.

Why You Should Care: Because we all want somebody — or maybe a few people — to love.

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