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To celebrate our fifth birthday, and the holidays, we’re looking back at some of the 700+ times OZY has put you ahead of the curve over the years.

By OZY Editors

OZY just turned five — so we’re taking the opportunity to wish ourselves a happy birthday and you a happy holiday season. To celebrate this milestone, we’re taking you through the 12 Days of OZY (with the corresponding number of stories for each day in the run-up to Christmas), telling you why we’re here and sharing examples of the 700+ times we have delivered on our promise to bring you ahead-of-the-curve, provocative and thoughtful news coverage.

OZY co-founders Carlos Watson and Samir Rao — lovers of great storytelling — looked out into the media landscape six years ago and found a stark lack of originality. Legacy outlets were offering similar headlines and failing to thrill curious readers in a way that would excite them about the world around them.

So OZY set off to do just that — and, to this day, feeds the minds of curious readers by offering them new takes on the exciting and surprising world around them, near and far. For your chance to win an OZY birthday gift — everything from hoodies and water bottles to tickets to next summer’s OZY Fest in NYC — please tell us how we’re doing by taking this survey (in the line asking for your email, mention “birthday” for a chance to win OZY prizes). And come back for Day 8.

No. 7: Hot New Tech Trends

On the seventh day of OZY, we proudly help you revisit seven hot tech trends that we’ve highlighted before other outlets:

  1. China Gives Robots Badges: In Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, tourists are drawn in to see stun gun-wielding robots patrol the crowds.
  2. Will A.I. End the Art of Lying? Mixing meshes of human swarms with complex algorithms could lead to better, more reliable lie detection.
  3. Getting Married in Virtual Reality: Social network AltspaceVR is helping couples get hitched in VR.
  4. Why A.I. Might Replace Your Lawyer: Change is afoot in the legal industry as a couple of powerful market forces are driving law firms to adopt modern corporate efficiency. At the heart of this movement is legal tech and, yes, artificial intelligence.
  5. Twin Power Activate: Digital twin technology — think of it as a clone or replica of the real thing — can connect to the cloud and collect and analyze real-time data, an advancement that’s expected to revolutionize the power of renewable energy.
  6. Food Surveillance: Manufacturers are hooking up every piece of machinery to the Internet to improve both their bottom line and product safety. Think 24-hour babysitting for your food.
  7. Next in High Tech: the Future Womb: Researchers are trying to mimic the uterine environment by circulating oxygen and removing carbon dioxide through the blood instead of the lungs, which start out as fluid-filled sacs. 

Why You Should Care: Because the internet and computing are helping us in unimaginable ways. 

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