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On the Eighth Day of OZY ...

On the Eighth Day of OZY ...

By OZY Editors


To celebrate our fifth birthday, and the holidays, we’re looking back at some of the 700+ times OZY has put you ahead of the curve over the years.

By OZY Editors

OZY just turned 5 — so we’re taking the opportunity to wish ourselves a happy birthday and you a happy holiday season. To celebrate this milestone, we’re taking you through the 12 Days of OZY (with the corresponding number of stories for each day in the run-up to Christmas), telling you why we’re here and sharing examples of the 700+ times we have delivered on our promise to bring you ahead of the curve, provocative and thoughtful news coverage.

OZY co-founders Carlos Watson and Samir Rao — lovers of great storytelling — looked out into the media landscape six years ago and found a stark lack of originality. Legacy outlets were offering similar headlines and failing to thrill curious readers in a way that would excite them about the world around them.


So OZY set off to do just that — and, to this day, feeds the minds of curious readers by offering them new takes on the exciting and surprising world around them, near and far. For your chance to win an OZY birthday gift — everything from hoodies and water bottles to tickets to next summer’s OZY Fest in NYC — please tell us how we’re doing by taking this survey (in the line asking for your email, mention “birthday” for a chance to win OZY prizes). And come back for Day 9.

No. 8: International movers and shakers

On the eighth day of OZY, we revisit political rising stars we uncovered first from around the globe.

  1. Back in 2014, we introduced you to Adolf Mesquita Nunes, Spain’s eccentric secretary of state for tourism. His unique style and apparent success were making him a political darling among the right-wing ranks of the People’s Party (CDS-PP), part of Portugal’s ruling coalition. He’s a supporter of not just economic liberty but social liberty, including gay rights and abortion rights. 
  2. Samuel Laurent, a former political journalist from Grenoble, is fighting fake news in France. Rather than ignoring conspiracy theories, he’s inviting journalists and readers to talk about them and give people better information.
  3. András Fekete-Győr is working to put Hungary’s Momentum Party on the map, and to challenge the country’s powerful prime minister Viktor Orbán.
  4. Parliamentary party leader for the SPD in Berlin Raed Saleh advocates for expanded access to employment and education to let people born abroad — as he was, in the West Bank — more quickly integrate into their city and contribute to it. 
  5. Scotland’s Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, has brought her party out of obscurity.
  6. In March 2018, Marielle Franco was tragically gunned down and killed in Rio de Janeiro, sparking protests nationwide. OZY told you about Franco’s work back in 2016.
  7. In recent years, Boniface Mwangi has gone from being a shy staff photographer for a local newspaper to one of Kenya’s most politically divisive figures. 
  8. Albert Rivera, a Catalan politician, is the leader of the young centrist Citizens Party. Under the slogan “Better United,” he is telling Catalans that leaving Spain won’t solve their problems. 

Why You Should Care: Because young leaders with fresh, provocative ideas are redefining politics worldwide. 

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