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Now Playing: "Save the Date" Videos

By Rachel Levin


Because wedding planning is supposed to be fun — not expensive.

By Rachel Levin

OK, so after spending hours surfing YouTube and Vimeo, it’s official — that sweet twangy intro to Juno might be the most popular theme song for the latest trend in wedding-planning paraphernalia: video “Save the Date” announcements. (“All I want is you, will you be my bride / Take me by the hand and stand by my side…”)

Some “Save the Date” videos tell cute stories, others show heavily made-up, lovey-dovey couples feeding each other strawberries under a tree. Floriane & Mathias’s ”Save the Date” clip, an early entry from late 2010, shows an adorable couple bouncing around Paris. But watch enough of them — warning, it’s addictive — and you’ll find some diamonds in the rough.

And like reality TV, they run the gamut — from cheesy and funny to witty and well done.

More and more brides- and grooms-to-be around the globe seem to be ditching expensive letterpress cards and snail mail for the free! fun! easily email-able alternative of homemade movies. And like reality TV, they run the gamut — from cheesy and funny to witty and well done.

Sure, guests can’t stick these selfie films on their fridge — but so what? The majority of pricey paper “Save the Dates” probably end up in one place anyway: the trash. “This cost us nothing,” says Josh Sternlicht (Josh & Danielle). “I just wrote a song — friends told us they were singing it all day long.” Apparently, like the best TV jingles, “March 22, 2014” is still stuck in their heads. Does that mean more people will come? Says Josh, “I hope not.”

Here, a few standout, semi-cinematic “Save the Dates” that have us vying for an invite.

Cheesy but Fun

Alicia & JeVon, November 20, 2013

Beautiful people doing a total riff on the 1987 romance drama Love Jones, with its own title, Love Moore (JeVon’s last name), set to Farris Dionne’s Hopeless.

Funny and Sweet

Karime & Manuel, May 24, 2014

A cute, creative re-enactment of a wedding gone wrong in Canada. Only 18 views. C’mon, all that effort? It deserves a few more.


Josh & Danielle, May 22, 2014

These two aspiring actors in L.A. met decades ago during rehearsals for their high school play. Instead of putting a stamp on a postcard, they decided to perform an original (and rather catchy) song.

Well Done (complete with bloopers and all)

Aaron & Ashlie, May 3, 2014

Now these two look like fun. They’re also really good at lip-synching, and they do Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell proud.

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