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Need a Sports Fix? These Five New Books Have Got You Covered

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Need a Sports Fix? These Five New Books Have Got You Covered

By Matt Foley


We can't watch them, but we can certainly read great things about them.

By Matt Foley

We’re officially living in the upside-down. And to do our best to flatten the curve we’re staying inside. But isolation can prove more difficult than anticipated. And with sporting events canceled, we know that your sports itch needs scratching.

The games might be on hold, but fortunately, we can still buy books online. These five new releases are perfect for starved sports fans, but also lovers of great storytelling. These books will entertain, distract and inform, and they’ll only become more relevant once the games return.  

Stealing Home: Los Angeles, the Dodgers, and the Lives Caught in Between by Eric Nusbaum

Dodger Stadium is an American icon. But before it could be built, the city of Los Angeles would have to face down the neighborhood’s families — including the Aréchigas family, who refused to yield their home. The ensuing confrontation captivated the nation, and the divisive outcome still echoes through LA today. This story about baseball, family, the American dream and the fight to turn the City of Angels into a big-league city is penned by notable sports writer and editor (Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, Deadspin) –– and native Angeleno –– Eric Nusbaum.

Tanking to the Top: The Philadelphia 76ers and the Most Audacious Process in the History of Professional Sports by Yaron Weitzman

NBA fanatics, history buffs and anyone obsessed with hidden power struggles will find Yaron Weitzman’s new book, Tanking to the Top, an enthralling read. The narrative of these Sixers –– from the rise of stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, to the ultimately doomed fate of former general manager Sam Hinkie –– has been told before. But this book goes deep on just how extreme “The Process” was, and how infighting, dueling egos and competing agendas with the team’s upper management ultimately upended the plan. “It’s a book about how the NBA works,” Weitzman says. “That’s what I hope readers take away. Aside from being entertained, because it’s a fun story filled with hijinks, it taught me how little I knew about what’s going on in the league.” 

Whenever the NBA returns, the lessons learned in Tanking will only be more relevant. 

Above all else, the senior NBA writer for Bleacher Report pulls back the curtain on the most confounding test case of franchise operations in professional sports. Whenever the NBA returns, the lessons learned in Tanking will only be more relevant. 

Seven Days in Augusta: Behind the Scenes at the Masters by Mark Cannizzaro

Perhaps no venue in sport transcends the competition, becoming a defining character in the event’s identity, quite like Augusta National Golf Club. In Seven Days in Augusta, veteran New York Post scribe Mark Cannizzaro explores the rich history and deep connection between the course in Augusta, Georgia and the world’s most iconic and prestigious golf tournament. You’ll find insights on the popular par-3 contest, Amen Corner, Butler Cabin and more. Cannizzaro also takes readers behind the scenes of golf’s most exclusive competition, covering everything from green jacket rituals to clubhouse tales, as well as the extreme lengths fans have gone to acquire tickets. It’s a must-read for any golf fan missing the Masters this month — and anticipating a return to the magnolias reportedly penciled in for November. 

Swing Kings: The Inside Story of Baseball’s Home Run Revolution by Jared Diamond

As The Wall Street Journal’s national baseball writer, Jared Diamond has developed a reputation for telling the untold stories of the unseen forces that shape Major League Baseball. Expect the same from Swing Kings. Here, Diamond tells the captivating story of the home run boom, following a group of players who rose from obscurity to stardom and the rogue swing coaches who helped them usher the game into a new age. The 2019 season saw the most home runs ever, obliterating a record set just two years before. This is a historic era for the long ball and a shift that has transformed the way the game is played. Diamond reveals the secret behind this trend, and what it means for the game moving forward. 

The Hot Hand: The Mystery and Science of Streaks by Ben Cohen

For decades, statisticians, social scientists, psychologists and economists have spent massive amounts of time thinking about whether streaks actually exist. Is there such a thing as being in the zone? Can someone have a “hot hand” or is it simply a case of seeing patterns in randomness? Or, if streaks are possible, where can they be found? In Hot Hand, Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Cohen offers an engaging and provocative look into what it really means to get hot. Curious as to how you can maximize success? Read on. 

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