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Mike Dolce Wants to Make You UFC Fit

Mike Dolce Wants to Make You UFC Fit

By A.J. Perez

Mike Dolce


Because this might be the best living-room workout you hadn’t heard of yet.

By A.J. Perez

My workouts are usually limited to the gym, ice rink and occasional Tough Mudder course. Not usually my living room, where I had Mike Dolce — a shave-headed, shirtless 38-year-old man with visible, enviable abs — bark orders at me via my flat screen.

“We’re not done,” Dolce’s gravelly voice piped through my speakers.

My hardwood floors were. Yes, Dolce made me sweat so much my laminated lumber had become treacherous with puddles of perspiration, even if my mixed martial arts-inspired punches and kicks were nowhere close to the Ultimate Fighting Championship he’s trained for over the years. I was watching (and awkwardly tossing around fighting moves to) UFC FIT, Dolce’s pivot from an MMA diet guru toward becoming a mainstream fitness authority.

We are going to find out soon if this will be a commercial success or something that is just a technically sound product. I think it’s going to be killer.

P90X was created by an actor,” Dolce, ever the self-marketer, told OZY. “Insanity was created by a dancer. Do you want a program that was built by an actor or a professional who does this every day?”

At $120, UFC FIT, launched last fall, is priced the same as those two programs and will get a huge marketing push over the next several weeks.

“We are going to find out soon if this will be a commercial success or something that is just a technically sound product,” Dolce said. “I think it’s going to be killer.”

Mike Dolce

Mike Dolce

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Nearly a decade ago, he started on this path when he quit his job as a tax assessor in his native New Jersey and was hired by Portland-based Team Quest as both a fighter and strength and conditioning coach. Dolce proved to be a capable fighter with a 12-10 record, but he found his niche: designing diets and workouts for others.

Dolce, who at 198 pounds is about 90 pounds lighter than his days as a bureaucrat, first penned 3 Weeks to Shredded, basically a pamphlet on how to cut weight fast, which he first handed out to those at the gym. It’s hard to find now, but if you’re lucky, you can have it for $499 on Amazon. Shredded became the basis for The Dolce Diet. Other books (250,000 sold in total) and a podcast (The Mike Dolce Show) followed.

As far as his diet goes, he’s big on “earth-grown nutrients” (basically, organics) and hates all things processed. 

But you can add Dolce’s exercise tapes to your roster of living-room-workout options — though it may be hard to shell out the $$ at a time when YouTube-led exercise is so plentiful. Me? I’m a convert. My floors aren’t.


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