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Let Your Kids Take Control of Your Adventure

Let Your Kids Take Control of Your Adventure

By Joshua Eferighe


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time, as we grapple with turbulent times in America

By Joshua Eferighe

new tunes you gotta hear


Jay-Z and Pharrell perform in Virginia Beach in 2019. (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Something in the Water)

  1. Entrepreneur. The unbeatable combination of Pharrell’s production and Jay-Z’s lyricism is evident again on this rare single. The video is just as important as the song; it takes us through the lives of Black entrepreneurs changing the narrative in their respective hoods.  
  2. Hawái. When Colombian reggaeton artist Maluma took to Instagram at the stroke of midnight last week to announce a surprise new album, Papi Juancho, it felt like Christmas had come early. It’s the 26-year-old Sony Music artist’s first album since last year and features some of the genre’s best talents. Where to start? The first single, Hawái.” 

your next obsessive hobby

  1. Bullet Journaling. This supervisual practice is an organizational system, DIY day planner and art project all in one. The Bullet Journal has long since taken over corners of Pinterest and Instagram (check out this Insta for inspiration) and can be as involved and artistic as you choose, letting you log ideas, to-do lists, random thoughts and whatever else you want in a way that’s far more effective than the random scraps of paper and indecipherable sticky notes you’re currently using.
  2. Cross-stitching. It’s decidedly grandma chic, but you’ll be surprised at how calming it can be (and how great it feels to finish one) — at least once you are skilled enough with the needle to stop poking yourself with it. (Don’t bleed on the fabric!) Once you find a stitch pattern you’re in love with — Carolyn Manning’s stitch-along patterns are a good place to start — it’s all about getting comfy, easing your mind and letting go. 
  3. Jewelry Making. It may sound impossibly hard and like something the everyday person shouldn’t attempt, but making jewelry is a breeze — and it’s fun to say, “Oh, this? I made it myself,” when someone compliments your bling. Kits are the best way to start — they vary depending on level of expertise and what you’d like to make — and this hobby turns collecting random beads, chains and other decorative items into a game. There are tons of instruction manuals and guides you can follow, but once you get the hang of it, you’re going to want to break out of the mold and get crazy. 
  4. Stargazing. The domino effect of COVID-19 has affected global economies, travel and the ability to go out for a night on the town. But there have also been some positive side effects. Less travel means fewer CO2 emissions, which often means clearer skies that are perfect for some weekend stargazing
  5. The Carlos Watson Show. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but OZY has launched a brand-new talk show hosted by co-founder and CEO Carlos Watson that airs every weekday on YouTube. And it’s not your ordinary talk show. Celebs, authors, politicians, comedians and individuals from all walks of life get deep, personal and keep it real. Make this your new hobby and watch the latest episode here.

podcast to peep

  1. The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast. Launched in 2018, The JMP has turned into a must for anyone seeking leadership tips. Maxwell has made a name for himself through Equip — a Christian leadership organization that spans more than 185 countries — and the John Maxwell Co., a leadership consultancy that has trained more than 5 million people worldwide. You can get all that game from the comfort of your home, via his pod.
  2. The Story Pirates. This is a podcast for kids by kids. Comedians and musicians let them take complete control as they sing and act out the original stories the kids create. Sometimes it works, sometimes the sketches unravel, but either way it all ends up being good fun. The Story Pirates has been downloaded more than 20 million times and features celebrity guest appearances by Julie Andrews, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Kristen Bell and more. 
  3. Science Vs. If 5G gossip, the war on plastic straws and the anti-vax debate pique your interest, this is the podcast for you. Science Vs sorts through the rumors, trends and conspiracies and uncovers the truth in about 20 minutes. It will leave you feeling like the smartest one in the room. Because you obviously are.


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