Keeping Your Cool With Nerdwax

Keeping Your Cool With Nerdwax

By Vignesh Ramachandran

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Because you probably didn’t think there was a solution for that pair of glasses that always falls off.

By Vignesh Ramachandran

Four-eyed folk (like yours truly) should listen up.

Frames constantly sliding down your nose or off your face are no good for anybody: They cramp your style and your view. 

But for Nashville-based Don Hejny, the slipping and sliding cleared his vision right up – it showed him the perfect invention, a solution called “Nerdwax.” The audio-engineer-turned-entrepreneur had been working a summer festival in Texas, when he noticed a performing singer’s aviators sliding off her face on-stage – totally breaking the cool vibe the singer wore the glasses for in the first place.

That was the breaking point. 

Guess you don’t need those Steve Urkel-style lanyards anymore.

So he wondered: How do you keep glasses firmly planted on your face? His first thought was surf wax – but he quickly realized that wouldn’t be healthy for putting on the face. So he concocted an original recipe that is based on beeswax and other all-natural and organic ingredients like coconut oil.

“Pretty much everything I use in Nerdwax is used in some other form in different skin care products,” Hejny said.

Nerdwax comes in a lip-balm-style tube and is applied to the bridge of glasses where it touches the face – or on the part of frames where they touch the head behind the ears. Depending on how oily your face is, you might have to reapply every couple hours, or it can last a full day. The wax feels tacky – not sticky – according to Hejny, so it provides the right friction to hold glasses in place.

Guess you don’t need those Steve Urkel-style lanyards anymore.

Right now, Hejny is painstakingly hand-making the wax in his kitchen in small batches. Which is why he’s turned to the Kickstarter community to raise $5,000 in a crowdfunding campaign aimed at taking Nerdwax to the next level. If you’re thinking falling glasses are a non-problem, don’t be so quick to judge: as of Monday, the campaign had far surpassed its goal, with over 2,000 backers pledging more than $42,000 – with 13 days still left to go. 

Clearly, Nerdwax is resonating with people. But if you’re still skeptical: consider Listerine mouthwash. In the 1920s, Listerine was marketed to alleviate what was considered a new problem at the time: halitosis or bad breath. Today, mouthwash is a bathroom staple and no one wants a stinky mouth. Who knows? Maybe Nerdwax will come bundled with our Warby Parker orders someday.

Backers who pledge at least $10 on Kickstarter can get a tube of Nerdwax delivered this summer.

But for now, Hejny is clear that Nerdwax is not a substitute for poorly fitting glasses.

“A lot of people wear these glasses that are just way too big for their face or wear glasses that rest on their cheekbones instead of the bridge of their nose,” Hejny explained. “You still have to wear glasses that fit.”

(Sorry, hipsters.)

Backers who pledge at least $10 on Kickstarter can get a tube of Nerdwax delivered this summer. The idea with this Kickstarter campaign, Hejny says, is to get a feel for market need and really test the product more with people through the first production run. So far, he says there haven’t been any reports of the wax ruining anyone’s frames – but as an early adopter, be aware that you’re using it at your own risk.

Then again, it was plenty risky to wear those oh-so-trendy lanyards, too.