Jon Hamm: A Sporting Good Host

Jon Hamm: A Sporting Good Host

By Lorena O'Neil

Host Jon Hamm speaks onstage at The 2013 ESPY Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on July 17, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
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Because everyone loves to make fun of famous millionaires — even the famous millionaires themselves.

By Lorena O'Neil

Apparently, this last season of Mad Men has seen Don Draper lose his mojo, but Jon Hamm? He’s at risk of losing his mojo, umm, never. 

Seriously, not only is the man great at playing a creative yet brooding playboy, but he also has some comedic chops. And I’m not just talking about his 30 Rock stints opposite the amazing Tina Fey or his Bridesmaids cameo. His hosting and roasting skills are top-notch, as illustrated by his opening monologue at ESPN’s award show, the ESPYs last July.

Hamm — looking oh-so-handsome in a suit, might I add — worked that microphone like a boss. He started off by making fun of the audience, calling the ESPYs “the world’s largest gathering of people wearing sunglasses indoors.” Then the camera cut to all the athletes who, of course, were rocking their sunnies at the L.A. sports awards show. He took on Alex Rodriguez, Miami Heat fans, Dwight Howard and Ryan Lochte.

Jon Hamm has the comedy skills of an SNL cast member [and] the exoskeleton of an Arrow shirt model…

— Tina Fey, comedian + actor

The sports lover said he felt bad for Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, who (just in case you were living under a rock last year) was involved in a giant fake-girlfriend hoax that shook up the college sports world. He expressed sympathy for the QB and then said, “But let’s face it: fake Internet girlfriend or real girlfriend, who goes to Notre Dame? Pretty much the same amount of sex.” 


Those of you surprised by Hamm’s ability to insult the audience like a pro should know that he is actually a huge comedy nerd. The actor grew up adoring SNL and Monty Python, and when he first moved to L.A., he spent most of his time attending comedy shows and BFF’ing around with Paul Rudd and Sarah Silverman. He’s hosted SNL multiple times and got a damn good compliment from Miss Tina Fey herself: “Jon Hamm has the comedy skills of an SNL cast member, the exoskeleton of an Arrow shirt model, and the gratitude and work ethic of a person who got famous after the age of 30.”

Hamm remains humble though. “I don’t necessarily think I’m quote-unquote ‘good at comedy,’” he says. ”I think I’m wise enough to be near, in proximity of funny people.”  

Well, years of roasting his friends on their off-hours has certainly paid off. Check out Jonny boy’s monologue for yourself to hear the rest of his jokes. Drake was just announced as the host for this year’s ESPY awards on July 16 — we’ll see whether he can live up to the high bar set by Don Draper.