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It's Time to Binge-Watch OZY

It's Time to Binge-Watch OZY

By OZY Editors

While every person in America is not sitting around watching TV
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Because your brain might need a good break …

By OZY Editors

If you’re anything like us and your eyes are glazing over from all the Home AloneLove Actually and A Christmas Story screenings, you might want something just a bit different to check out today while you recover from your food coma.

Big Chatter

If you think your family gets into it at the holidays, you haven’t met Eugene S. Robinson, whose Eugenious webisodes are the greatest of all rants. Call him OZY’s own Lewis Black. Almost anything you can think of, he’s got a rant for that. He has a few thoughts about Sting, that musician we all love to hate; and about Friends, your perhaps beloved sitcom; not to mention Mary Poppins. But, OK — they’re not straight rants. Consider Eugene’s remark about Poppins’ embodiment of the 1960s zeitgeist, or his very good point that Friends certainly doesn’t get anywhere close to his version of New York City: Brooklyn in the ’70s. 

And for another set of big conversations, take a look at the premiere episode of OZY’s new series: In the Barbershop With Anthony Hamilton. Hamilton, the author of six books and an OZY essay columnist, leads friends and community members in his Mountain View, California, barbershop in conversations about controversial topics. This first episode tackles parenting, discipline and the Adrian Peterson debacle.

Food Porn

And then we have something for ya if your stomach can handle it: delish-us food. Like this $15 cup of coffee made by the finest coffee brewers in Santa Cruz, California. (Do not watch if tired. You will crave.)

Go gaga for chef Samin Nosrat’s cooking creations. This is a chef who has written cold letters to her heroes and gotten responses — not to mention mentorship! (Alice Waters. And Michael Pollan. For a start.) She is our Barefoot Contessa, prancing around her Berkeley, California, kitchen in bare feet. And best of all, her cookbooks all include a small dash of memoir. Food is personal, after all. And then, though you may not be able to sample this, astronauts of the future will. Meet the company hard at work creating a spirally martini glass that lets you drink in zero gravity. A must-have.

We’ve embedded a few videos here for you to check out, but click the hyperlinks for a full look at the best-ofs.

Talking to Great Minds

What’s the scoop on 2016, according to the Democrats? One of Obama’s campaign whisperers, Jim Messina, told us about it over lunch in Washington, D.C. And what about former secretary of homeland security — and current University of California school system president — Janet Napolitano’s thoughts on sexual assault on college campuses? Or Bill Gates talking about one of the most interesting world leaders he’s encountered? When we sat down with Condoleezza Rice in her Stanford office in May, we got her take on Benghazi and other security threats — but we also picked her brain on all things athletic. Will she one day be the commissioner of the NFL? Hmm. Maybe?

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