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Because making the world a little less boring never looked so cute.

By Eugene S. Robinson

The maneuvering. The jockeying. The totally Machiavellian approach to letting nothing stand in your way. All have marked the ruthless rise to power of Kid President, or as he was known in his prior life, Robbie Novak.

In January of this year, Kid President recorded a video called, “A Pep Talk” for Gabbi, a friend of his who has cancer. (Novak was also born with a rare bone disease, often known as brittle bone disease). The video went viral, 15 million views of viral, and was picked up and launched by Rainn Wilson from The Office through his production house SoulPancake after he was interviewed by the Kid (since then it’s north of 28 million views). And where does a Kid President go after he’s gotten the nation’s attention? To an Easter Egg Roll at the White House with President Barack Obama this past April, naturally. And just recently? Kissing Beyonce post-interview in a move designed to capitalize to the fullest on the fact that he’s too cute to slap.Of course we’re joking, but then again so is the self-appointed Kid President. At nine years old and with the presence of mind to have a resume that includes his work as a comedian, motivational speaker (a TED speaker fer chrissakes), a journalist and YouTube sensation, Kid President got his start in 2012 as a cute addendum to Freed-Hardeman University’s marketing campaign for its annual benefit dinner featuring former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 

So “What will be your Space Jam?” asks the Kid President using one of his catchphrases that’s also gone viral. It could be anything, according to young leader, as long as it gives the world a reason to dance. 

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