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Holidays Guide

Holidays Guide

By OZY Editors



OZY has you covered for gift ideas, food and drink options and binge-worthy shows.

By OZY Editors

It’s that time of year again: the holidays. It’s merry, it’s bright … and it’s stressful — at least when making everything come together. What gifts should you give that will make memories? What dish will delight friends and family around the table? What drinks will glitter like stars in your guests’ hands?

We’ve come up with some alternative gift ideas, dinner and drink options and activities to help with your holiday merrymaking and — at the end of a festive day — some TV shows to watch when you’re ready for a laugh with your loved ones.


Tis the Season for Chainsaw Carving, Bug and Wine Pairings and DIY Surfboard Making

By gifting an experience this holiday season, you not only create a (hopefully heartwarming) memory, but also stop more sh*t going to the trash heap. And Cousin Chloe is definitely going to remember that wild night of critters and merlot.

Gifts for Your Most Anxious Friend

Got a nervous pal? Try these soothing presents. We can all use some help chilling during the holidays. From special blankets to cannabis-infused treats, we have you covered.

Give the Gift of ‘Oh Yeah’: The Elevated Sex Toy Gift Guide

Can you give a sex toy as a gift? And to you family (we’re looking at you, Grandma!)? In most cases, yes. Here are some devices that say, “Your pleasure is important to me.”


Try This Twist on a Hot Toddy to Spice Up Your Holiday Party

This hot cocktail from the Andean highlands is a delightfully boozy party drink. Full of spicy cinnamon and sugary goodness, it’s guaranteed to warm the cockles.

Your New Favorite Holiday Dish, Cold and Slathered in Mayo

Tired of turkey? This Argentine Christmas spread is heavy on the beef (and mayo) and can be prepared in advance, so you have more time to spend with your family.


This Modern Mexican Telenovela Is Your Must-Watch for the Holidays

Have we got taboos for you. This tragicomedy pairs a storyline of love, loss, betrayal and redemption with the fast pace of the iconic ’90s telenovela. The result: a show ripe for a Mexican and a global audience. There are two seasons of the cliffhanger on Netflix, so binge-watch to your heart’s content.

Virgina with Elena and Julián copy

This Hilarious Podcast Ranks Favorite Christmas Movies … With a Twist

This movie-review show is co-hosted by a Jehovah’s Witness and a Catholic, which makes it funny as hell.

Run Off Holiday Calories With the ‘A Christmas Story’ Race

Where else can you run a holiday-themed race with leg lamps and pink bunnies? For fans of A Christmas Story, this 5K and 10K race has everything, including special landmarks, trivia and an “Oh Fudge” Ralphie medal for all participants — costumed or not.

ACSR - 20Ft Pink Nightmare with 20 Bunnies

High Heels Hack: Hang Them From Your Purse

High heels look great at the party, but at some point you’re going to want to take them off. But where to put them while you enjoy the rest of the evening’s festivities? This gadget keeps your shoes with you long after you’ve freed your feet.

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