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High Heels Hack: Hang Them From Your Purse

High Heels Hack: Hang Them From Your Purse

By Carly Stern


This gadget means not losing your beloved heels when it's time to take them off.

By Carly Stern

Attention anyone who’s donned high heels: How often do you find yourself unstrapping during a wedding or holiday party and then walking around, heels in hand, because you’re in agony? Often there’s nowhere to put them. And when alcohol is involved, you might forget where you left your treasured Neiman Marcus pumps. 

My Shoe Bae is a gadget, similar to a keychain, that attaches any high heel shoe securely to handbags and clothing. The small device, not much bigger than a quarter, hooks onto a purse, belt or even a person. Weave the straps into the small clip and set of rings inside and snap the contraption shut, and voila — your heels have a home for the evening.

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More than half of heel wearers say they’ve experienced foot pain while wearing them, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Julie Richardson confesses to always being the one “who had her shoes off, standing on the pavement or sidewalk, in front of the taco truck.” On New Year’s Eve 2017 in Las Vegas, the Denver-based mother had had enough of carrying around her heels. So she came up with a hack: fastening her heels together with hair ties and attaching them to her purse with bobby pins. 

Once home, she developed a prototype and left her job to see the project through. My Shoe Bae launched this fall and is now available for sale ($14.99) via her website, with plans to eventually sell through online retailers.  

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Richardson says My Shoe Bae targets four different shoe-wearers: the hider, the hoarder, the ditcher and the “girl that says ‘screw it’” and throws her shoes in the corner. 

Krystal Tarleton, 35, can identify: She usually tossed her heels in a corner, hoped for the best and sometimes remembered to grab them on the way out. She used the gadget most recently on a trip to Punta Cana, allowing her “to dance the night away without losing my heels.”

Now in its first production run, My Shoe Bae has seen roughly 180 orders placed so far, so it’s early days on whether it will take off. Plus, there are obstacles that could slow progress, such as recently imposed tariffs on imports — the gadgets are made in China. Richardson also suspects her product might not appeal to a younger generation that is increasingly choosing comfortable kitten heels over stilettos.

But for those who love wearing heels, this might be a great gift for your feet. Just remember to bring the gadget with you (as well as some flats). In that 3 am cab ride home, knowing your Jimmy Choos are going home with you? That’s peace of mind. 

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