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Rumor has it there is a third Father of the Bride movie in the works, but our nostalgia has us reminiscing on Steve Martin’s first FOB film.

By Lorena O'Neil

Gay marriage is all the rage these days — both in real life (bye, DOMA) and fiction (Cam and Mitch, anyone?). So it wasn’t too surprising when news started to spread via a report by Nikki Finke that a third Father of the Bride movie was in the works, and centered on little brother Matty’s gay marriage.

The film was supposedly going to be about Matty being gay and getting married to a Navy SEAL’s son, shocking Steve Martin’s character George so much that his wife kicks him out of the house. Before you waste your time (like I did) thinking that idea seems a wee bit dated and overdone, or before you get pumped for some more Steve Martin in your life (nobody’s blaming you) let’s rein you in. Martin took to his Twitter to say he hasn’t seen a script or been offered the role, so everything was just gossip anyway.

Martin looks at his daughter, who is telling him she’s engaged, and imagines her saying it as a small child…

Never ones to turn down an opportunity for ’90s nostalgia, we got to thinking of the original Father of the Bride movie. And by original, we actually mean the remake, since the original film starring Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett and Elizabeth Taylor is from 1950 and does not fit into our ’90s nostalgia bubble. (C’mon people, keep up.)

The 1991 movie starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams-Paisley was pretty adorable and funny. I mean, Steve Martin looks at his daughter, who is telling him she’s engaged, and imagines her saying it as a small child, because he can’t believe she’s grown up so quickly. The film’s trailer is pretty kickass, showing off Martin’s comic timing and epic faces. The only thing that could make it more wonderful would be if it included Martin playing his Grammy-winning banjo bluegrass music, but hey — you can’t have everything.

So if you’re feeling as nostalgic as we are, take a look at the trailer and get your Steve Martin fix of the day. And as Steve reminds us: Don’t forget to fasten your condoms.


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