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Headphones Get a Juicy Boost

Headphones Get a Juicy Boost

By Zara Stone



Because now you can get juice and bass boost from the same device.

By Zara Stone

Today we’re constantly wired in — Facebooking, tweeting and texting as we go. Multitasking is our medium and technology our facilitator. Which means that we all get incredibly frustrated at the poor battery life of our cellphone. Seriously, an IDC research survey showed that when purchasing a phone, battery life is more important than the camera, OS or model. Carrying and complaining about external battery packs is a way of life now. 

But David Munzlinger doesn’t think it has to be. He’s the president of Phaz Music, a company that creates headphones with a twist: They all contain an integrated battery pack, so you can charge your mobile on the move. Munzlinger has a background in music — he’s worked for Monster and Belkin — and felt he had something to offer the growing headphones market even in a saturated industry, he tells OZY.

The 1200 MAH battery means you can recharge your mobile whenever you want.

His method was to modernize the listening devices with a mobile aspect. “All headphones are all basically the same thing,” he says. “Two speakers with wires and headband and plug.” His concept: Allow the headphones to act as a mobile battery pack, but also integrate them — with style. The over-the-ear P2 headphones have large cans for each ear, are made with carbon fiber (for durability), and feature a built-in amplifier with 40mm neodymium drivers and a bass boost that’s powered by the battery pack. The ear pads are detachable and come in five colors. 

You access the battery pack via the micro USB port; connect a cable to charge your phone. The 1200 MAH battery, which transfers power from the headphones’ battery, provides enough juice to charge an average cellphone up to about 75 percent power — and without affecting the sound quality. That’s great when you’re not actively using the headphones, but it’s a little clunky to have those extra wires around your face. 

Not to mention potentially unattractive, says Gear Diary editor-in-chief Judie Lipsett Stanford. And perhaps cumbersome. She doesn’t like to wear something that’s heavy — and an additional battery does add weight. Still, she says, she likes that the P2 “added the extra function to something many people carry anyway.”

So how much will the convenience of a charged phone and quality tunes set you back? Premium features command a premium price: The headphones are available for preorder for $249 (they’re available in April). Munzlinger says the cost is reflective of what you’re getting, and that a cheaper model couldn’t have memory-foam ear pads and PU leather. Plus, “we’re elevating the audio experience beyond what’s available today,” he says. 

For those who place being disconnected on the same level as torture, no price is too high to pay to avoid Instagram interruption.


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