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Goji: The Smartest Lock on the Block

Goji: The Smartest Lock on the Block

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because standing at your front door locked outside in the rain looks good only in romantic comedies.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Call us crazy, but in what little downtime exists in our go-go lives, we’ve been obsessed with the idea that no one has rethought staircases or beds. They’re ubiquitous, universal and have been largely unchanged for just about forever — yet no one has exploited this design and business gold mine. 

But someone has looked askance at the lowly key.

And with good reason. Because if you factor in how much time you’ve spent standing outside your car, apartment or house, feverishly digging through your pockets and bags because the key to your getting from the outside to the inside is lost, misplaced or dropped, you know scads of valuable time has been lost scavenger-hunting for needles in lint-filled haystacks.

To which the kindly people at Goji offer a solution: a smart lock.

It not only manages to let you in and out of your place without ruining the line of your suit but, for the paranoid lunatics among us (pot, meet kettle), Goji also gives you nearly complete control over the comings and goings at your front door. No key necessary.

Have your lock send you pics of who is at the door. And if it’s you at the door, unlock it as easily as you unlock your phone.

The lock is a sleek physical device reminscent of the Nest thermostat, but it’s also integrated with iPhone and Android apps that let you set timers for visitor access and screen unexpected guests at the door. It ties you, your phone and your front door all together in a tight circle of trust. For just about $299 (units begin shipping this June).

So if your door presently uses a deadbolt with a key, you can swap the Goji in and let the fun begin. Especially if by “fun” you mean having your lock send you pics of who is at the door (whether you’re at home or not). And if it’s you at the door, unlock it as easily as you unlock your phone.

Which is where Goji’s one weak point lies: What if you lose your phone? Well, all your info is online, so you’d have to resort to your laptop. And if that’s in your other bag? Well, they do have actual fobs that, when programmed, will let someone in without a paired phone. Sort of like a key. 

OK, so maybe it doesn’t guarantee we’ll never again be stuck staring anxiously into space while digging in every pocket on our person. But Goji is sexy, and if you’re an astute observer of human nature, you’ll know this most assuredly: Sexy is worth a lot.

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