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Gifts for Your Most Anxious Friend

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Gifts for Your Most Anxious Friend

By Fiona Zublin


Because we can all use some help chilling during the holidays.

By Fiona Zublin

It’s not just you; everyone is feeling it. And by “it” we mean “crushing and terrible anxiety” about the state of literally everything. A study in 2018 found that nearly 40 percent of Americans said they were more anxious than a year earlier. And let’s not get started on the anxiety induced by limited resources for getting help for anxiety. Fun!

The holidays are just as likely to be a source of anxiety as a balm to it. What if they hate your present? WHY IS EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE? If you mention that Santa isn’t real within earshot of that child, will you scar him for life? Is your flight home to see your mom killing the last penguin?

But perhaps, through the magic of gift-giving, you can help the people around you feel slightly less anxious. Try one of these gift ideas on your anxious friends, parents, co-workers and any friendly neighborhood journalists who you suspect after reading this intro may need to work on their own anxiety.

A Weighted Blanket

The scientific evidence for these blankets’ effect on anxious people is a bit sketchy, but they’ve become a huge hit anecdotally, with people reporting that the 10 to 30 pounds of weight (distributed across a whole blanket) helps them sleep better and feel less stressed out.

“Think of it as a swaddle for adults, just as you’d swaddle a baby to calm and comfort them,” says Mark Wynohradnyk, the brand director of weighted blanket heavyweight Gravity Blankets. But before buying, maybe feel out the potential gift recipient by asking casual questions like, “If you felt a weight on you when you woke up, would you assume you were being attacked by a ghost?”

A Bug Out Bag

Look, there are big reasons people are more anxious these days. We’re destroying the planet, and society could collapse and we’ll all have to live in the subway (the surface will be too hot!) and fight each other for the most delicious-looking rats. Anyway, when a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe hits your hometown, you’ll want an emergency kit to go, aka a Bug Out Bag! Echo-Sigma has a variety of ready-to-go emergency bags (including one comfortingly called the Get Home bag). The complete emergency kit costs $600 and comes with three to 10 days of sustenance, a water filter and various other things you’ll need to survive — in the subway or wherever.

The only problem with delicious candy CBD is that your gift recipient might be tempted to go above the recommended daily dosage.

CBD Snacks

CBD is renowned for its stress- and anxiety-fighting effects, and since it’s now legal in a lot of places, you can likely gift it to your friends with a minimum of fuss. But if your gift recipient might be nervous about being seen as a drug enthusiast? Not to worry, these CBD gummy bears are easy to disguise as regular gummy bears (while still containing 25 milligrams of CBD). They’re also vegan! The only problem with delicious candy CBD is that your gift recipient might be tempted to go above the recommended daily dosage. Tip: Also give some regular gummy bears too for when that craving hits multiple times a day.

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